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Business Levels & Strategic Management

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"Business Level" consists of a single set of products or services offered by an organization. All businesses have at least one business unit, requiring business level strategies; however, some businesses have more than one business unit (For example, Pepsi, Co. may divide their company into a Beverage Unit and a Snack Foods Unit, among other units), requiring business level strategic planning in multiple realms of the organization. Business level strategies focus on the products/services and the customers they serve. An organization may look at functional strategies on the corporate level (applicable to the entire organization and all of its units), as well as for each business unit (applicable to a specific part of the whole...).

*Discuss and give examples of any terms of current events relating to business levels

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This detailed solution explains and gives examples of current events relating to business levels for strategic management. Includes APA formatted reference.

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Business levels are mentioned in the Corner Office column in The New Times today. Lily Kanter, co-founder and chief executive of Serena & Lily, is interviewed in regards to her management style. In the past, Ms. Kanter worked at Microsoft where she learned the importance of a strong work ethic, as well as team members working towards 'swinging hard for the fence' (Bryant, 2013). Her new company, Serena & Lily, is growing at a fast pace so she has instituted a culture in ...

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