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BCG Matrix, Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows, Dogs

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In a BCG Matrix, all divisions are classified as either Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows or Dogs. Define each of these terms and briefly discussion how you would apply the terms to strategic planning. Use atleast 200 words and cite any sources used in APA format.

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In the BCG matrix, a company categorizes all its strategic business divisions based on market growth rate and relative market share. The market growth rate of the divisions represents the attractiveness of the market to the company, while the relative market share is an indicator of the company's strength in the market. The company can decide whether to guild, hold, harvest or divest the division based on its position in the matrix. A figure of the BCG matrix is provided in the Word file attached.

Stars are business divisions or products that are are experiencing high levels of growth, ...

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This article contains 368 words describing Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows and Dogs, and their use in strategic planning. A figure of the matrix is provided in Word.

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