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portfolio mix

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Define a Portfolio matrix. Compare and contrast at least two portfolio matrices. How may your views about these matrices vary depending upon the parenting style adopted by the organization concerned?

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This solution defines a portfolio mix.

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Portfolio matrix is primarily used to analyze the various products/product groups within an organization's portfolio to determine the different level of priorities, resources and focus that needs to be allocated to each product or product group within the portfolio. As each product has its own relative level of attractiveness as identified by this tool, companies need to allocate their limited resources, focus and prioritize as per the distinction made by this tool. It helps the organizations to avoid one size fit all strategy and helps in aligning resources, focus and priority to different product groups or products in an appropriate manner.

Let us first understand BCG Matrix, which is one of the most popular portfolio matrix tool.

The major categories as per BCG Portfolio matrix are cash cows, stars, dogs and questions marks. Products within the cash cow are like the bread and butter for the company, ie, ...

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