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Evaluate Asset Allocation Strategies: Integrated, Strategic, Tactical

Evaluate, compare, and contrast the following asset allocation strategies:

Integrated asset allocation
Strategic asset allocation
Tactical asset allocation

Be sure to explain the following:

Specify the goal of each asset allocation strategy.
Describe the economic conditions that favor one strategy over another.
Given the current economic situation which allocation strategy would you recommend and why?

Include references.

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Assets Allocation Strategy


Assets allocation refers to a process that helps in deciding where investment is made. Thus, with the help of assets allocation a person or an organization decides about its investment such as stocks, bonds, cash and other investment plan (Fabozzi & Markowitz & Markowitz, 2002). This paper discusses about some assets allocation strategies such as integrated assets allocation, strategic assets allocation and tactical assets allocation.

Assets Allocation Strategy

Assets allocation strategies are related with making long term asset allocation decision through which an investor decides an appropriate long-term assets mix that helps in maximizing the return and minimizing the overall risk (Fabozzi & Markowitz & Markowitz, 2002). Some allocation strategies are as below:

Integrated Assets Allocation:
Integrated assets allocation strategy is an active portfolio management strategy. It is the integration of all other assets allocation strategy. The main goal of this strategy is to maximize return by considering the risk in the strategy (Campbell & Viceira 2002). According to this strategy, investors invest a fixed amount in those investments that provide high return and low risk and ...

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The solution evaluates integrated, strategic and tactical asset allocation strategies.