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This posting classifies VRI using the Boston Consulting Group's strategic planning matrix.

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Here are some areas to evaluate and compare/contrast between VRIs and the BCG matrix:

VRIs are useful diagnostic tools for determining one's (least and most) potentials in a variety of areas. While the BCG matrix allocates four major areas, the VRI embodies 12 categories. Notice how the BCG's matrix is a bit more compact and definite with its four distinctions: stars, question marks, cash cows, and dogs. However, VRI classifications are not as simplified but involve more theories of multiple intelligences. VRI categories do not offer more cross-over classifications as the BCG matrix allows.

The VRI helps institutions or individuals analyze personality and character traits and then determine how to match these assets with future vocations. The BCG matrix helps a company think about its portfolio of products and services and make decisions about which to keep and which to ...

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