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Interviews: Evaluation Errors

Evaluation Errors

The employment interview process is fraught with pitfalls for the interviewer. Interviewing is a communication skill, and this skill must be mastered. There are many books and articles on how to interview in an organizational context. There is also a lot of information of the Internet.

Review books, articles, and online sources that deal with interview skill. Look for information on potential interviewer mistakes. Here are several categories of interviewer error:

1. The interviewer may be biased. The interviewer may be too prone to use stereotypes when dealing with people.
2. The interviewer may lack interview skills.
3. The interviewer may make non-valid ratings due to errors committed in the evaluation of interview data.

Google: "10 mistakes managers make during job interviews".

Interviewer mistakes can hurt in several ways. They may be discriminatory. They may lead to incorrect perceptions of the interviewee. They may stifle conversation during the interview. They may lead to incorrect ratings of interviewees who are applying for employment.

Researched interview errors that can affect evaluation of candidates for employment.

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Interview errors that can affect evaluation of candidates for employment are:

1) Lack of updated job description: It is very important for the interviewer to have complete understanding of job duties. Otherwise, it may lead to mismatch between job and the candidate.

2) Snap judgments: This is a common ...

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