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    Probabilities, 3 types of Surveys, Source of Error, Interval

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    1. I roll a dice five times... What is the probability that I roll five '4s'?
    2. Name three types of survey, providing a one line description of when such a survey might be carried out
    3. What potential sources of error might we be concerned about when conducting a survey...? Name three, providing an example for each.
    4. Nominal, ordinal, ratio and interval are levels of .............. ?
    5. Normal distributions are based upon which theorem?
    6. What does regression analysis enable us to achieve?
    7. How does inductive reasoning differ from deductive reasoning?
    8. How might you go about obtaining a 'random sample'?

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    (1) Probability of rolling five 4's = (1/6)(1/6)(1/6)(1/6)(1/6) = 1/(6^5) = 0.00013

    (2) The three types of surveys are

    (a) Face-to-face interviews - These are very costly in terms of time and money. They are useful to collect information about work conditions or workplace interaction.

    (b) Telephone interviews - They are cheaper and quicker than face-to-face interviews and should be used when reaching out the subjects personally is not possible and the information can be collected over the telephone.

    (c) Written questionnaires - These are the cheapest way to reach a lot of people, and should be ...

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