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    Pornography at work

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    I need help with writing a disciplinary procedure for the scenario using the outlined detailed description below.

    Not all is roses at your company. One of your best programmers was just caught looking at pornography on the internet. This has clearly upset one of the owners, who insists that something must be done to stop this kind of behavior in the future. In the past, discipline problems were rare and far between; when they did occur the owners would usually pull the offender side and give them a "pep" talk, which usually solved the problem. But as the company has grown the owners realize that the old way may not be enough.

    Given that there is no formal policy on pornography and no formal disciplinary policy, do the following:
    1. Write a proposal on how you would implement a disciplinary process at your company. This is a general process for the whole company. What kind of disciplinary procedure will you use? How will you implement it?

    2. What kind of disciplinary procedures will you implement to handle pornography? Drugs? Poor performance?

    3. And finally, describe how you would discipline this employee for this offense.

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    Proposal for Introducing Disciplinary Policy
    To seek an opportunity to discourage inappropriate behavior in the organization and to separate employees who exhibit unacceptable behavior.

    The policy would apply to all employees who have served the probationary period and have been working as permanent employees.

    Statement of Policy
    The policy would be applicable when an employee:
    • Does an act which he is not supposed to do
    • Doing a permissible act in an unacceptable manner
    • Does not perform an act which he is ought to do
    • The following behavior should be included in the policy:
    • Falsification, misinterpretation of information
    • Failure to comply with organizational rules and regulations
    • Failure to perform assigned duties or performs them in a negligent way
    • Usage of inappropriate language or acts which spoil company's environment
    • Harassment in any form
    • Accessing pornographic or illegal material on company's computer or use of company resources for personal use
    • Absence from work without a good cause or without prior information

    Disciplinary Procedure
    The disciplinary procedure may be invoked not just in circumstances when employee does serious misconduct but also in situations when performance of employee is not in interests of company.

    Before any disciplinary procedure is invoked the concerned Manager or Head of Department would be consulted.
    Format of Disciplinary ...

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