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    Southweast Airlines

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    Consider the following web site with some interesting statistics about Southwest:


    It states that their retention rate after 5 years is 55% (Businessweek, 2013). Is that good, bad or average? What are the top three attributes they look for when hiring?

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    A retention rate of 55% after 5 years is a good average. Many organizations experience high turnover and attrition rates and more than likely would not be able to boast that type of average. Also, the three year retention rate was very high at 73% and that was interesting to ...

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    This 200 word solution discusses Southwest Airlines statistics illustrating their retention rates over the last five years, as well as the top attributes they look for when hiring staff. The solution asses and analyses what these retention statistics say about the organization and highlights the advantages of a company maintaining a high retention rather than turnover rate.