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    Team Life Cycle

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    Discuss (a) the phases of a team life cycle; (b) how to increase a team's potential to survive, be productive, and flourish in the long term; and (c) how and why the team life cycle is relevant to the 5P's Strategic Leadership Model.

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    a) The phases of a team life cycle are:

    Forming - This is the first phase of the team life cycle and is the phase in which team members are more reserved and polite. They are just getting to know each other and are being as amicable as possible to be perceived as collaborative and cooperative.

    Storming - In this stage, the team members begin showing their true colors and differences of opinions are more well-known and are stated clearly. This is the phase where the most conflict occurs, thus the name.

    Norming - This is where the team members learn the personalities and working styles of the others and learn to work together using each other's strengths. The team begins to take on an identity and has an increased sense of cooperation among its ...

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    A discussion regarding the phases of a team life cycle, how to increase a team's ability to be productive in the long term and how the life cycle of the team relates to the 5P's Strategic Leadership model. 517 words, 1 reference.