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Choosing a Message and Medium of Promotion

NTP, Inc. is coming out with a new type of computerized refrigerator with a flat panel display that accesses the internet for recipes, nutrition information, etc. They have hired you as a consultant to advise them on what their next steps should be. Explain the advice you would give them regarding which group (innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, or laggards) should the company target their initial promotion and what type of message and medium should the company use to do this?

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The group of customers that NTP, Inc should target is the early adopters. The new refrigerator has a panel that accesses the internet and gets recipes, and nutrition information. The new refrigerator is an innovation and has features that have never before been seen on refrigerators. In the innovation adoption life-cycle, the group that should be targeted by NTP, Inc is early adopters. These are described as thought-leaders who are glad to try new products and share early feedback about the new ...

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The answer to this problem explains the method of identification of customers and how they should be targeted by marketing promotions. The references related to the answer are also included.