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    Obesity Campaigns Report

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    For two specific campaigns in UAE, research and report:

    - their background of campaigning in UAE
    - what the campaign has done so far
    - any statistics available pertaining to the campaign
    - if the campaign was successful. If yes, how?

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    I have chosen Childhood Obesity and Anti-Obesity for my UAE campaigns.

    - backgrounds

    Childhood Obesity campaign
    Recent reports identify an increase in childhood obesity in the UAE. Officials are concerned with these increases and began looking at programs that can help decrease the instance of obesity in children. Obesity is of such great concern because millions of people suffer with it. It creates health problems and is linked to a number of problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Children who are obese are also subject to health problems, esteem problems, and bullying by other children.

    Anti Obesity Day.
    This targets information as the key to helping prevent and slow the increase in adults. With 250 million adults being obese, "It is predicted that, by 2015, over 700 million adults will be pronounced obese worldwide" (Anonymous, 2009). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the UAE is ranked eighteenth in the world for countries that have the most number of overweight and obese people. Statistics also note that thirty three percent of adults are obese and 19.5% suffer from obesity ...

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