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Ben's Dilemma: Perceptions, Self-Concept & Self-Esteem

Case Study 2: Ben's Dilemma
There are four discussion questions addressed on a scenario in which a student, Ben, is compared to his older brother and begins to act out in school. The solution discusses how others perceive an individual, perhaps unfairly based on what they know of an older sibling, and how doing so can negatively impact a person's self-concept and self-esteem.


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1. Ben was an extrovert who was fortunate to enjoy the majority of his school years as an individual; without comparisons to his older brother. When Ms. Woods reacted in a harsh manner, explicitly asking why Ben could not behave more like his brother had, the individuality Ben enjoyed was gone. Ben likely began to make comparisons of his own actions and performance against those of his brother. Ben also appeared to become competitive as well, wanting to do well on the final exam - perhaps as an attempt to "out shine" his brother. With Ms. Woods making the comparison between Ben and his brother, this altered Ben's self-concept; maybe resulting in him feeling that he was not "good enough" on his own.

2. Ben's behavior changed ...

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This solution provides assistance in addressing four case study questions in a scenario called "Ben's Dilemma" and how other people's perceptions impacts an individual's self-concept and self-esteem. The solution is around 300 words.