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Define the concept of the self

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Define the concept of the self.

Explain how an individual develops a self-concept.

Explain the relationship between the self and emotion and how this relationship affects an individual's self-esteem.

Explain the relationship between the self and behavior and how this relationship affects an individual's self-presentation.

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First, as you briefly define the concept of the self, I see it as a mirror that reflects one's perceptions or learned beliefs about his or her personality. I also deem it as our window to the world, a chunk of our personal existence.

One article sheds light on the concept of the self:

Kihlstrom, J. F. (2012). Searching for the Self in Mind and Brain. Social Cognition, 30(4), 367-379.

Kihlstrom insists that psychological theories of the self suggest that "we might have many context-specific selves, not just one." Citing Allport in this article, Allport tried to explain self as "Who is the I who knows the bodily me," he asked, "who has an image of myself and sense of identity over time, who knows that I have propriate strivings?"

Kilhlstrom then attempts to define self more concretely by stating, "From a cognitive point of view, the self can be construed as one's mental representation of oneself "in principle, no different than one's mental representation of any other person (Kihlstrom, 1993; Kihlstrom, Beer, & Klein, 2002; Kihlstrom & Cantor, 1984; Kihlstrom et al., 1988; Kihlstrom & Klein, 1994, 1997). Put another way, the self represents one's knowledge of oneself." From a psychological point of view, Kilstrom sees a triumvirate since the self seems to function "as concept, self as image, and self as memory."

This article also provides a clear definition:

Mehdizadeh, S. (2010). Self-Presentation 2.0: Narcissism and Self-Esteem on Facebook. Cyberpsychology, Behavior & Social Networking, 13(4), 357-364.

Rosenberg (1986; as cited in Zhao et al.3) defined self-concept as "the totality of a person's thoughts and feelings in reference to oneself as an ...

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References are presented to briefly define the concept of the self and demonstrate how an individual develops a self-concept.

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