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Recommendation of a Simulation Email

Please help me formulate a reply to the letter below:

Dear Khalid,

Thank you for your email. You really excelled with this simulation and I very much hope it will be great experience for the future.

If you are able to write a letter, that would be great. They need to be individual. You are free you write your thoughts but mentioning things such as its interactive and not traditional lecture, interesting which I hope it has been rather than boring for you all. I am trying to secure funding for the male students so if you feel it's worthwhile, competitive, good experience and I am knowledgeable regarding the software all those things would assist us.

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Once I understood the process, I very much enjoyed this experience. It was extremely helpful to work in an interactive situation, with the types of competitive interaction one faces in the business world. I learned to look at more aspects of business than individual class assignment would normally allow. I found the ...

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The recommendations of a simulation email are determined.