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Sample Answers for Project Interview Questions

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Interviews are one of the easiest yet most powerful techniques available for gathering requirements. Anyone can learn to conduct interviews, as after all, an interview can be seen as a slightly more structured dialogue between two persons. The hardest part is often to come up with bright questions to ask. Take it easy, read on and you will get suggestions for interview questions that will help you get the most out of your next requirements gathering interview" (How to use interviews to gather requirements).
1. Who will be the stakeholders?
2. Who are all the participants that need to be involved in the project?
3. Who are the key participants that know the business process?
4. What result is expected from the business process/knowledge?
5. Is there a particular process diagram that you currently utilize?
6. For specific information such as accounting data and processes, who will be responsible for providing?
7. Have study surveys been conducted by the company?
8. How soon do we need to complete the first stages and move to the next steps?
9. What is the time frame for the entire project from conception to completion?
10. "What problems do you run into in your day-to-day work? Is there a standard way of solving it, or do you have a workaround?"
11. What kind of reporting capability do you need?
12. Do you currently have sufficient documentation of processes?
13. Would you want to participate in a review of the requirements/feedback session later on?
14. Which employees should participate in training sessions?
15. "What are your expectations regarding system usability?"
I need all of these questions answer below Vanessa
Put the Requirement Gathering Interview Questions into a template Format.
General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Cash Management, Account payable, Fixed Asset and Purchasing
Who will be attending?
Business Process/Knowledge
Process Diagram
Studies Surveys
Next step
Critical Success
Risk Log
Training/Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK)

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See some sample answers below for gathering project implementation interview questions.

1. Who will be the stakeholders?
This will be the people who are investing in the project

2. Who are all the participants that need to be involved in the project?
Credit department, Investigation department and the legal department

3. Who are the key participants that know the business process?
Department know the legal department knows the do's and don'ts and the protocols that protect the company

4. What result is ...

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