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Operations Managment - Today as Opposed to the Past

From an operations management and supply chain perspective, technology has changed the way work is done today. In essence, the work has changed, which means that we have to change.

What is different today regarding the way work is done? What are the necessary skills required to excel?

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One of the primary differences today regarding the way they work is done, is that there is a greater utilization of information technology in all phases of the operations of an organization. This means that in today's operational environment there are less manual labor and hands on activities taking place within operations management as well as supply chain management. In essence a greater proportion of the processes and procedures that take place within an organization are directed and monitored by computerized information technology systems, while there is still the human element involved in monitoring and maintaining these information technology systems. Another primary difference regarding the way that work is done today, is the fact that work is the result of detailed planning and analysis utilizing human as well as computerized intelligence, in determining the most efficient and effective manner that the work can be conducted. Work today is based upon the ...

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Operations management for today as opposed to the past are given. The difference regarding the way work is done today is discussed.