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Change Control Boards

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Navigate to http://www.project-management-knowledge.com/ and read the entries related to change control boards. What is the function of this board? What are some strategies or communication styles you could use to present unpopular change requests to the board?

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A discussion regarding change control boards including the function of this type of board and some ways to present less than desireable change requests to a change control board. 295 words, 1 reference.

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What is the function of this board?

The function of the change control board is to review and approve or reject project changes. The project sponsor, team, manager and client may have all agreed on the project's original scope but, it is inevitable that changes will be requested or needed during the project life cycle. The change control board does not have to be an official governing body and depending on the size of the project, it may be just a small group of project team members who are tasked with monitoring the changes suggested. A change ...

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