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    Oversight Board

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    The Associated Press article, "Oversight Board a Way to Report Wrongdoing, "states:" Corporate oversight boards, created amid the accounting scandals, are encouraging people to come forward with information by making it easier for company employees and others to report tips and complaints" (p. 1).

    1. Present an argument in favor of creating this type of board of oversight within a company.
    2. Present an argument against the creation of an oversight board

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    After the Enron and other scandals hit the industry the government created the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board, at the same time some companies decided to create corporate oversight boards where employees and even outsiders can report tips and make complaints.

    STEP 1
    1.Present an argument in favor of creating this type of board of oversight within a company.
    The creation of such a board provides:
    1. A 'safe' route for reporting unethical activities in the company;
    2. Discovery of such activities that otherwise could have led to expensive suits for the company.
    3. A way of keeping watch over its own flaws and attempting to improve it;
    4. An excellent way of receiving valuable feedback;
    5. Improving corporate governance;
    6. Making the functioning of the company ...

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