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Internal controls from a corporate governance perspective

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What are internal controls from a corporate governance perspective? Discuss the important components of a successful internal controls process. Please provide examples of each component discussed.

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In a 403 word solution, the response presents a general discussion about internal controls, but also seven specific types of internal control processes that can provide assurance to boards of directors.

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In these days of spectacular business failures and difficult economic times, the concerns of Boards of Directors (individually and as groups) can lead to damaged credibility, complex compliance issues with SEC and taxing authorities, global concerns, socio-economic conditions, so called 'green' initiatives, public reputation, and even civil or criminal litigation.

A Board of Directors under Sarbanes-Oxley and the COSO control framework is required to assess corporate compliance with missions and values of the corporation, and systems of internal control provide a methodology to accomplish those goals.

Following is a list of types of internal control processes ...

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