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    Facilitator of Group Sessions in Decision-Making

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    Managing the analysis and interpretation of the data
    • Questioning
    • Clarifying
    • Summarizing
    • Reflective Listening

    Managing decision-making
    •Establish criteria for how decisions will be made -
    •majority rules

    Closing group sessions
    • Evaluations
    • Clarifying action assignments and responsibilities
    • Summarizing the work of the group and looking to the future
    • Sharing positive feedback
    • Monitoring work progress

    apa style with references

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    Managing the analysis and interpretation of the data
    Questioning: "The purpose of data analysis and interpretation is to transform data collected into credible evidence about the development of the intervention and its performance" ("ICAP", n.d). Data can be appropriately managed as it seeks to answer questions like "is the data relevant for the problem?", "would the data be sufficient to provide answer to the problem?", "can the accuracy of data be validated?, etc.
    Clarification: Points of ambiguity need to be clarified from the data. To further clarify, the researcher is encouraged to expand on the information which has been restated.
    Summarizing: Since the amount of data required is not related to the problem it would be used to solve, sometimes the volume of data collected is so large that it could hamper the reason for which it was collected. Hence, we need to summarize key findings which can be related to the problem in question. Summarization of data ensures accuracy and attempts to encourage clarification of doubts. It verifies that participants have not misunderstood any of the data's main points.
    Reflective listening: It is important to momentarily pause before reacting ...

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    A facilitator of group sessions in decision-making are examined. Decision-making managing criteria are examined.