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    You work as a seller in a large auto dealership

    You work as a seller in a large auto dealership. Your boss is all excited because he found a market research report titled, "What Women Want When Buying A New Car." The boss wants you to include the research findings in your sales presentations. But the report was written in 1974. Write three paragraphs about what problems may e

    Management Override

    What is management override and do you think that it is an issue that can be easily controlled? Why or why not? I am including a link to an AICPA publication that discusses management override and what audit committee's can do address the risk. There are also great sections on ethical challenges that management faces. (htt

    Reebok & The Bis Corporation & American Tool Works cases

    Please see case study in attachments and answer the following questions: 1. What are the main problems faced by Reebok? (4 - 6 sentences) 2. Identify at least 6 potential causes of the problems faced by Reebok. 3. Propose at least 4 potential solutions that may help solve the problems faced by Reebok. The Bis Co

    Addressing Defining a Dream Job and Its Importance

    If you had a dream job what would it be and why? Note: I would like to work with children with mental and physical disabilities, as my son is a special needs child. Can you can approach the solution with this in mind?

    Public vs Private Workplace

    Discuss the characteristics of a public vs. private workplace and provide two examples of each. Why might union density be so much higher in public workplaces than in private workplaces?

    Three "P's": Possible, Probable, and Plausible

    Trend forecasters, sometimes called "futurists", use three "P's": Possible, Probable, and Plausible. Possible includes the "outliers" on the classic bell curve. Probable narrows the spectrum to the mean, median, and mode at the top of the bell curve. Plausible narrows the probable to those activities or options that humans will

    Being a Price Maker or a Price Taker

    A dermatologist will have to perform serious due diligence to determine the demand, the market composition [demographics], the competition, and the level of risk. The new entrant in the market will need to anticipate how he can improve return on assets and plan risk management strategies that will help him overcome the potential

    The Role of the CIO

    What is the role of CIOs in an organization? What education, work experience, skills and, training are necessary for them to obtain their position? How important is their position within the organization? Would you want this type of position in a healthcare organization? Why or why not?

    Addressing Success in Business Administration

    Given the readings and assignments in this course and the BSBA program, identify and briefly discuss two concepts that you believe are essential to be successful in business administration.

    Global Questions for Chinese Technology

    Could you provide your feedback to these questions below? 1. China is still ahead in technology than the U.S. and more competitive but growing in the U.S. What is your view on a new world order? Do you think that it would have an effect on other countries that China and the U.S. have relationship with? 2. The Chinese gov

    Punishment Philosophies

    1) What are the various punishment philosophies within the juvenile court and it processes? 2) How do these philosophies differ from the adult process? 3) What are the sanctions involved, the various legal factors associated with sentencing, and the aspects of the appeal process.

    Healthcare Maintenance Organizations: Pro's and Con's

    Healthcare maintenance organizations (HMOs) are the most prevalent type of Managed Care. Explain the positive benefits and negative aspects, respectively, of HMO managed care from the provider's point of view "a physician and a healthcare facility"and from a patient's point of view.

    Creating a Businesslike Tone in Media

    Read the following e-mail message and then (1) Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each sentence and (2) revise the message so that it follows the proper guidelines of writing a business email message. The message was written by the marketing manager of an online retailer of baby-related products in the hope of becoming a r

    Implementing an ISO9000 Program

    What are the important issues and areas to consider when determining whether to implement an ISO9000 program? What are some of problems that might arise in implementing such a program?

    Accurate Percetions

    Are accurate perceptions always necessary to develop sound decisions? Is it appropriate to change the emotions of people in the organization? If so, how can a person's emotions be change without altering that person's values?

    Third Party Supplier Relationship Management

    What is the value to the company and the supplier in developing and implementing a Third Party Supplier Relationship Management (3 P.L. S.M.S.) System? How can such a system provide greater efficiency?

    Operations Management

    Process map the three plan manufacturing processes. Identify waste and then develop a new process map for the future, with estimated dollar costs for combining into one location. The scenario is: Be sure to use all five symbols, Operation, Transport, Inspect, Delay and Store. Raw materials are received at the Minnesot

    Green and Sustainable Enterprise Management

    You are a development planner working for the Navajo Nation's tribal government in Tuba City, Arizona. You would like to develop a decentralized energy plan that encourages businesses to use individual solar power units. How would you convince business owners to utilize solar power over fossil fuels? How would you encourage them

    Work Measurement: Cost Estimation

    Control factor unit used in the work measurement study was hundreds of pounds of equipment unloaded or loaded at the dock. Month Units of Activities Material handling cost $ January 1400 11350 February 1200 11350 March 1100 11050 April

    Difficulty Finding Excellent Candidates

    1.) You were recently promoted to sales manager of one of your company's most productive regions. After several weeks on the job, you are becoming concerned about Brad, one of your veteran salespeople. Although he is quite successful as a salesperson, Brad seems to have a problem dealing with time. On several occasions, you hav

    Criminal Justice Various Models

    1.) What are the various models of the criminal justice process? 2.) Why are these models important to the criminal justice process?

    Retailer Supplier Partnerships

    Manufacturers and retailers occasionally find using third parties to perform certain aspects of the materials management and/or product distribution functions beneficial. Why might this be the case?

    Research In Motion Case Study

    CASE STUDY: RESEARCH IN MOTION Research in Motion: Co-Leadership in Tough Times Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, co-CEOs of Research in Motion, will have their leadership skills put to the test over the coming years. Although the Blackberry has fared well, it faces stiff competition, especially from Apple's iPhone, the sales