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Business Management

"For Talent" Case Study

Based on the reading of case study 5.2 "For Talent". Refer to the questions found at the end of the case studies to help you think about your response. Please just don't answer the questions at the end of the case study,

Important Information about Scientific Theories

Much of scientific inquiry is focused on developing and evaluating theories. There are four major criteria that are used to evaluate theories: 1. Explains the past; predicts the future 2. Testable and falsifiable 3. Parsimonious 4. Promotes research A) When evaluating a theory, which of these criteria do you think

Problem Solving: Complaints

The operations manger of a firm that produces frozen dinners had received numerous complaints from supermarkets about the firm's Chick-n-Gravey dinners. The manager then asked her assistant, Ann, to investigate the matter and report her recommendations. Ann's first task was to determine what problems were generating the compl

While it is true that sustainable business practices include energy usage and pollution, there are many more areas to sustainability that companies can practice. Sustainable business practices are practices that work to improve the environment and the surrounding communities in all areas. Finding ways to reduce emissions, starting programs that help the local economy, like only using local suppliers, or giving back to the environment by planting trees or other similar initiatives are sustainable business practices. Starbucks is a good example of a company that has multiple sustainability initiatives in-place. They support local farmers, and have programs in place that creates sanitary drinking water in parts of the world where polluted water is the norm. Other sustainable companies practice sustainability both inside and outside of the company. Internally, companies make sure that all areas are hazard-free, and go the extra mile on providing safety for both customers and employees. Other companies involve the local community, and when they have multiple positions open in the company, particularly when expanding operations, they hire from the local community, first. Sustainability can really include any of the steps that the company takes to show that they are preserving, giving, and protecting their employees, the customers who support them, and the environment itself.

While it is true that sustainable business practices include energy usage and pollution, there are many more areas to sustainability that companies can practice. Sustainable business practices are practices that work to improve the environment and the surrounding communities in all areas. Finding ways to reduce emissions, starti

The Transforming Process

John Kotter describes characteristics of transformational visions. Identify reasons the transforming process fails.

Develop a scatter diagram

Boston Electric Generators has been getting many complaints from its major customer, Home Station, about the quality of its shipments of home generators. Daniel Shimshak, the plant manager, is alarmed that a customer is providing him with the only information the company has on shipment quality. He decides to collect inform

training and development

You have just been appointed as the Chairperson of the President's Council on Training and Development for Corporations in the United States. Your assignment is to give direction and guidance to businesses that are in the process of establishing a Training and Development Department, or who would like to improve the effectivenes

Financial Forecasting Karen and Elizabeth Whatley are twins.

Final Exam Case: Topeka Adhesives: Financial Forecasting Karen and Elizabeth Whatley are twins. Their mother teaches Physics at a mid-western university and their father runs a successful engineering firm. Not surprisingly, they are quite gifted at math and science, and they've displayed these talents in numerous ways over the y

Research Online Regarding the Business Systems Planning Approach

Primary Task Response: Within the Discussion Board area, assist with writing words that respond to the following questions with your thoughts, ideas, and comments. Be substantive and clear, and use examples to reinforce your ideas: Conduct research online regarding the business systems planning (BSP) approach. Describe the BS

Conducting a Taste Test using 10 Human Subjects

Taste tests are a tool that marketers have been using for decades. The Pepsi Challenge was a great long-term boost for the soda maker beginning in the mid 1970's. The Whopper Virgins taste tests of 2008 may prove to be a successful campaign for Burger King. 1. You will conduct a taste test using 10 participants. 2. Sele

Public Budgeting Standardization

Describe standardization and specification and explain how they impact the purchasing process & list the factors which control governmental risk. 5th Edition Public Budgeting in America. Robert W Smith,Thomas D. Lynch Pearson Prentice Hall

Capacity Planning and Facility Location

Please review the attached Data Tech, Inc. case study and help me respond to the following: 1.Determine whether Jeff should give greater priority to a smaller facility with possibility of expansion or more into a larger facility immediately. 2.Determine weights for the two (2) capacity factors based on your finding above and

Work System Design - BUS 515

?Analyze the process of tools used in work systems design and determine which steps or tools would be the most difficult to complete or apply correctly, and steps you could take to address the difficulties you identified.

Health Care Professional Association

Please respond to the following: ?Choose a health professional association (e.g., American Public Health Association, The American College of Healthcare Executives, etc.). ?Provide the following about the professional association or organization you chose: ?Name ?Mission ?Vision ?And some of its current goals ?Gi

Process Gone Wong

Cignet Plastics Corporation is a contract plastics die-casting house serving a wide range of clients. Over the years, Cignet has been a favored supplier of precision die castings for a major producer of model airplane kits. In recent days the defect rate of these parts has increased. (Acceptance is based on a visual inspectio

Using a Case Study to Evaluate Training Needs

Case Study: In 1987, Ms. Dillman was hired by IMP to work in Hangar 3 at North American International Airport as a seamstress in their fabric shop. After six months, the workload dropped, so Ms. Dillman approached her supervisor and asked for additional responsibilities. He sent her to the sheet metal shop. A number of month

How a Nightclub Can Be Successful

?Please explain how a nightclub utilizing technology to make their business more effective and efficient. ?Explore the cloud technology concept. ?Discuss the importance of information technology planning and control processes to protect confidential information and prevent major loss of information. This section should addr

Random variables of repeated events

Random Variables Events repeat themselves, such as going to work, producing a widget from machine X, selling widgets, etc. In the events there are outcomes that can be quantified or measured; e.g. the time it takes to drive to work, defective widgets, number of widgets sold each month. But these outcomes are not the same. The

David and Goliath: "How David Beats Goliath."

Explain, in several paragraphs (no more than four), the implications of the Malcolm Gladwell article "How David Beats Goliath." Apply some aspects of the article to your experience and future.

Daniel Manufacturing Company - Fairness and cost pool allocation

Daniel Manufacturing Company uses two departments to make its products. Department 1 is a cutting department that is machine intensive and uses very few employees. Machines cut and form parts and then place the finished parts on a conveyor belt that carries them to Department 2 where they are assembled into finished goods. The a

Women in Combat.

Discuss and give ideas for a powerpoint(8 powerpoint slides on 'Women in Combat"

RFID Tags in Employee IDs

How would you feel if your employer used RFID tags embedded in employee IDs to control building access, manage computer access, or even automatically track your movements throughout the day?