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Business Management

Business Systems Experiments

Experiment with alternative web browsers and compare their utility and features. Compare the performance of your most commonly used browser, whatever it might be, to at least two others that you can either download or access directly online. If you mainly use one of the Big Three, it would be most beneficial for you probably

Professional Development Plan

Develop an 8-slide Power Point Presentation on what you believe to be the best method for delivering a professional development plan. Slides should be specific and pointed in the message. Include Speaker Notes.

This posting addresses miscommunication issues in business.

1- When you get interrupted or cut off, this can lead to frustration, but also miscommunication. What are some strategies that you and others can implement to reduce this "noise"? 2-Have you had a co-worker interrupt you while you're in the middle of a project and you were brief with your communication that you were perceive

Widget sales - regressions. forecasting.

Q4: Regress widget sales on time and add the (a) ...there is more see problem attached Q4: Regress widget sales on time and add the (a) line, (b) linear equation and (c) R2 (variance explained) to the graph you created in Question 3. Please explain the meaning of each. Also, please characterize the trend (if one appear

Data Collection: Summarize four peer-reviewed articles

Summarize the 4 peer-reviewed articles. 1. New Evidence on Gender Differences in Promotion Rates: An Empirical Analysis of a Sample of New Hires 2. Unequal Pay or Uneq

Operations Management

You understand that it is imperative to identify and manage bottlenecks in all types of processes, relate the capacity and performance measures of one process to another, and use that information to determine the firm's best service solution. Your company is setting up an assembly line to produce 192 units of bottles per 8-hou

Green and Sustainable Business: Waste disposal practices, environment issues

Many businesses engage in non-sustainable business practices related to business wastes. What are some examples of waste disposal practices in your industry? What ethical concerns do burning, burying, or dumping waste products into the environment raise? What are the immediate and long-term effects on the environmen

Multicultural workplaces

In the following paper the author discusses some generic approaches to making rigorous academic study relevant to practitioner readers. McGahan, A. M. (2007). Academic research that matters to managers: On zebras, dogs, lemmings, hammers, and turnips. Academy of Management Journal, 50(4), 748-753. Retrieved from Business Sour

The Award Phase

Negotiation Exercise 1: Alpha Electronics is a multi-store consumer electronics store that specializes in high-end consumer electronics. Alpha Electronics prides itself for its customer service and offers specialized customer service training that it feels helps keep its store ahead of the competition. Sara works in the Re

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT comprehensive article analysis

This week's topics: 1. Steven Bates: Fighting the Backlash 2. Bill Leonard: A Job Well Done 3. Atkinson: Bringing diversity to white men Find an article on one of these topics and provide a comprehensive article analysis to include: 1. Over of the Topic 2. Relationship to course topics, reading, discussions, et

Analysis Methods for Quality Assessment: Analyze Honda Civic

Explore the products and services of the company and their quality efforts. Consider if the company is a manufacturing company or if it is in the Retail or Service sector. Do research on the company on the Web and find a quality issue or invent an issue that would fit with the type of product or service that they deliver. The ki

Limited companies

"Limited companies are far fewer in number than other business forms and offer 'protections' and benefits other forms do not". So why are more companies not set up as Limited companies?

Reflective Thinking on Article Analysis

Please read the chapter attached. The reflection should address the following: 1. With what question does this chapter leave you? 2. What line of text "strikes" you? From ... Wow! What insight!! To ... You must be kidding!! Comment on your selection. 3. How does this discussion relate to your "reality"? ("It doesn't..."

Sustainability Argument

Kirk & Okazawa-Rey (2007) argues sustainability from an economic point of view means rethinking materialism and consumerism and finding new ways to develop and distribute wealth so that everyone has the basics of life. In our roles as scholar practitioners, entrepreneurs, and leaders there is much we can do to nurture and cultiv

Operations Management Practice Questions

1. Efficiency means doing the right things to create the most value for the company. a. T b. F 2. Operations and supply chain management is defined as the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm's primary products and services. a. True b. False 3. Which of the following is a

Case Study: Direct-to-Consumer Drug Advertising

For your second paper you are to consider a particular case, namely, that of direct-to-consumer drug advertising. The details of the case are set forth on pp 319-320 of your text. You are to decide if direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceutical drugs is ethical. Does the advertising lead to self-diagnosis or take advantage

large corporations and the community

Do large corporations really care about the local community? Does Home Depot care about the community the same way a local mom and pop hardware stores does? Is it important for a corporation to care about the community. What affect did the replacement of mom and pop stores by large corporations, over the last 50 years, have on

Successful Management In today's competitive business climate

Successful Management In today's competitive business climate, achieving long-term business success has become more difficult. For example, changes in technology cause the demise of technology manufacturers, and changes in the supply of oil and the resulting price of gasoline can have an impact on auto companies that focus o

Critical & Innovative Thinking

Effective decision making/problem solving in today's complex business environment is a skill that can be enhanced through the synergistic use of critical and innovative thinking. By becoming more aware of different thinking processes, skills can be refined, resulting in improved communications and performance. Find two artic

Professional Development Opportunities for CFEs

Search the Internet for professional development opportunities for CFEs. Find two opportunities and write a summary describing what James would have the opportunity to learn and its benefits to him as a CFE. One of the opportunities should focus on improving his skills at writing reports. Provide references including a hyper

Business Research Example Problems

1. A study is proposed that looks at the effect of a new sales technique on sales efficiency. Three different groups are recruited to be in the study. The first group gets training on the sales technique, the second group goes about business as usual, and the third group gets the same training the first group gets plus weekly fe

greed and corruption in private vs. public companies

Is there less greed and corruption in privately held companies that public companies? If so, why is that? Is it just the size of a corporation that renders them more susceptible to corruption? When you compare McDonalds to In-n-Out Burger (privately held CA chain) can you make any prediction on the likelihood of fraud or ta

"fraud triangle"

Experts have identified the "fraud triangle": (1) the opportunity to act dishonestly, (2) an incentive or pressure to do so, and (3) rationalization of their actions. In short, you need an offender motivated either by financial gain, pressure to perform or a threat to their power, money or status; you need susceptible victims;

Distributive bargaining

Distributive bargaining is sometimes referred to as "win-lose bargaining". Where does this label come from? How can it be misleading? Also, some people casually characterize any negotiated settlement as "a win-win". Why is this accurate in layperson's terms but inaccurate in light of how negotiation experts use the term win-wi