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    Addressing Key Issues in Healthcare Strategic Management

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    Evaluate the decision-making process and its effect within the context of increased competition for health care dollars. Keep in mind that true strategic management and planning involve the ability to create the vision for health care delivery in the future and the skill to then align the resources necessary to achieve that vision. Assess the wide range of challenging issues that you perceive will affect your organization over the next five years:

    What issues do you perceive will need to be addressed in your organization (made up general health care organization)?
    What organizational structure would best position your health care entity as a leader in its industry?

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    One of the major issues that would need to be addressed in my healthcare organization, will be an effective way by which my limited number of staff can provide for the needs of an increasing influx of patients. This will be necessary due to the fact that the ramifications of the health reform plan which will make it possible for more individuals to have access to the health care that they need, and my healthcare organization will play an integral part in providing for the needs of these individuals. Dealing with the increase in the number of patients that are treated within my healthcare facility, will require that I maximize the efficiency by which the personnel carry out their duties, and may even require that I allocate funding for hiring additional personnel. Another issue that may need to be addressed in my healthcare organization, is the fact that the healthcare organization will have to be able to maintain this level of care, although funding ...