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Strategic Management and Value Chains

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1. Discuss the need for ethics in strategic management in organizations.

2. Including quantitative and qualitative measures. Discuss how an organization considers the usefulness of its strategic plan.

3. Discuss how the cost of the value chain in a healthcare organization is determined.

4. Discuss the importance of understanding the walking map as it relates to the value chain and strategy.

5. Discuss and explain the managerial tool of management by walking around (MBWA) and its impact on creating a strategy ready culture.

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1. Discuss the need for ethics in strategic management in organizations.

The need for an ethics strategy within an organization is paramount as the organization will be guided by the actions of their employees and leaders. Therefore, ethics must be viewed as a strategic management objective wherein the organization should be concerned with ensuring that all corporate activities are ethical, legal, and within all regulatory guidelines. Actions are derived from the character of the person engaging in any activity, and therefore, an ethics strategy can assist in providing the organization with a road map to ensure employees engage in ongoing development of their individual and organizational character. Organizations should ensure that they implement ethics programs to train employees in what behavior the organization has deemed as acceptable and desirable as well as monitor and police organizational activities to minimize and prevent ethical and legal violations.


2. Including quantitative and qualitative measures, please help me Discuss how an organization ...

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This article discusses several issues such as ethics in the workplace, the managerial tool of management by walking around, mapping of a value chain and quantitative and qualitative measures.

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