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Business Management

Daniel Yankelovich on dialogue and debate: list and explain three skills

Dialogue is a skill used for business conversations including negotiations, planning, conflict management, and establishing shared understanding of important information. There are a number of specific skills that are used to establish an effective dialogue between and among individuals. Find additional articles by Daniel Yanke

Techniques to motivate employees in the pharmaceutical industry

Your organization is engaged in cutting-edge research in the pharmaceutical industry where competitors are racing against each other to release new drugs in the market. You are almost ready to launch a new drug when you hear that a rival is on the verge of releasing a similar drug. What techniques will you use to motivate your e

HR: Staffing System Management, Retention Strategies

Staffing System Management: 1-What is the difference between a centralized staffing function and a decentralized staffing function? 2-Why would an organization want to have a centralized staffing function, as opposed to letting each manager be totally responsible for all staffing activities in his or her department? -

Human processes within a business system

We know that everything cannot be computerized. One of the reasons why some apparently simple activities cannot be fully computerized is the need for tacit knowledge. Consider, for example, a hotel receptionist who has to rapidly identify whether a person checking in is part of a family coming together, a group of travelers. A s

Advantages and Disadvantages of Data Gathering Methods

Please discuss the following: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two principal methods of gathering data - the questionnaire method and the interview approach? Provide an example of a poor interview question in your response.

What Makes a Well Written Job Descriptions

Although there is no standard format for a job description, almost all well-written, useful descriptions will include these components: (1) Job title, (2) Summary, (3) Equipment, (4) Environment, (5) Activities. Explain what information should be contained in each section. Provide an example of a poorly written activities co

Discussing the Transaction Cost Theory

Transaction cost theory argues that the goal of organizations is to minimize the costs of exchanging resources in the environment and the costs of managing exchanges inside the organization. What do organizations consider when trying to choose interorganizational strategies in order to minimize transaction costs and bureaucratic

Elections and campaigns influence public values and ideas

1- Besides elections and campaigns, do the major political parties influence public values and ideas? Do you think their level of influence is appropriate? Why? 2- Describe an issue you support that is an issue for a major political party. In what ways do your interests and the party's interests align on the issue? With re

Evaluate staffing process results using yield ratios

This is a question that was asked about human resources in evaluating a staffing process using yield ratios and cycle times. Keepon Trucking received a order that will take 3 years to complete and requires the hiring of 100 new assemblers. The HR department implemented a special staffing process to fill the new vacancies.

Sales Management: Can blogs boost sales?

Read this excerpt "Can blogs boost sales" (attached) and answer the following 2 questions at the end of the excerpt: Do you think blogs are here to stay, or just a passing fad? How do you think they will impact sales organizations?

Excercise on Organization Development (OD) at J. P. Hunt.

For case "Organizational Development at J. P. Hunt". The question is : 1. Discuss the strengths and problem areas that appear to exist at J.P. Hunt 2. Based on the analysis of strengths and problems, what suggestions would you make for resolving any problems. The case is attached for reference.

Decision Support System: Advantages for a Business

See the attached file. 1. What is a decision support system? What advantages does a decision support system have for a business like Harvard Cooperative Society? 2. How would the decision support system of a business like the Harvard Cooperative Society differ from that of a major cooperation? 3. Briefly outline the co

What signals does each give a business owner

Outline the key points of current ratio, quick ratio, debt-ratio, debt to net worth ratio, times interest earned, average inventory turnover ratio, average collection period ratio, average payable period ratio, net sales to total assets ratio, net profit on sales ratio, net profit to assets ratio, net profit to equity ratio. Wha

Value Based Management

What is Value Based Management (VBM)? You might want to address one or more of the following issues: 1. What approach to decision-making would characterize a VBM organization and how does corporate culture play into this? 2. What should the role of the CFO be in an organization that practices VBM fully? 3. Has VBM been a

Values of transformational management

The statement, 'Extraordinary or transformational management is required if organizations are to transform themselves in situations of open-ended change' expresses what values? Explain.

Holt's seasonal forecast with multiplicative seasonal indices

** Please see the attached file for the complete problem description ** I have a table showing Holt's seasonal forecast with multiplicative seasonal indices. In this model, beta is twice the value of alpha, the seasonal indices average to 1 and the seasonal factors for quarter 1 and quarter 3 are both equal to 1. Please c

Describe due process; include 7 guidelines b Ewing

Describe the term "Due Process" and relate it to its use in business as well as government. Include the 7 guidelines by Ewing and provide examples of each that are different from what is in the textbook. Trace the process inside of an organization to ensure fairness. Henderson, Richard I. (2006). Compensation Management in

Hotel Facilities and Hospitality Management

You have been retained as a facilities management consultant for Magic Mountain Resort Lodge and Spa located in the town of Estes Park. Recently the property experienced a kitchen mishap during which meat scraps were disposed of improperly. This action caused a wastewater back up into one of the resort's condo units located in a