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Business Management

large corporations and the community

Do large corporations really care about the local community? Does Home Depot care about the community the same way a local mom and pop hardware stores does? Is it important for a corporation to care about the community. What affect did the replacement of mom and pop stores by large corporations, over the last 50 years, have on

Successful Management In today's competitive business climate

Successful Management In today's competitive business climate, achieving long-term business success has become more difficult. For example, changes in technology cause the demise of technology manufacturers, and changes in the supply of oil and the resulting price of gasoline can have an impact on auto companies that focus o

Critical & Innovative Thinking

Effective decision making/problem solving in today's complex business environment is a skill that can be enhanced through the synergistic use of critical and innovative thinking. By becoming more aware of different thinking processes, skills can be refined, resulting in improved communications and performance. Find two artic

Professional Development Opportunities for CFEs

Search the Internet for professional development opportunities for CFEs. Find two opportunities and write a summary describing what James would have the opportunity to learn and its benefits to him as a CFE. One of the opportunities should focus on improving his skills at writing reports. Provide references including a hyper

Business Research Example Problems

1. A study is proposed that looks at the effect of a new sales technique on sales efficiency. Three different groups are recruited to be in the study. The first group gets training on the sales technique, the second group goes about business as usual, and the third group gets the same training the first group gets plus weekly fe

greed and corruption in private vs. public companies

Is there less greed and corruption in privately held companies that public companies? If so, why is that? Is it just the size of a corporation that renders them more susceptible to corruption? When you compare McDonalds to In-n-Out Burger (privately held CA chain) can you make any prediction on the likelihood of fraud or ta

"fraud triangle"

Experts have identified the "fraud triangle": (1) the opportunity to act dishonestly, (2) an incentive or pressure to do so, and (3) rationalization of their actions. In short, you need an offender motivated either by financial gain, pressure to perform or a threat to their power, money or status; you need susceptible victims;

Distributive bargaining

Distributive bargaining is sometimes referred to as "win-lose bargaining". Where does this label come from? How can it be misleading? Also, some people casually characterize any negotiated settlement as "a win-win". Why is this accurate in layperson's terms but inaccurate in light of how negotiation experts use the term win-wi

Employee Development: Example Problem

How will you identify what efforts are made toward the development of employees in different types of organizations? What are examples of employee development practices within your organization? Judge the short and long term effects of these efforts within your organization. How does employee development impact the organizat

This addresses the best choice for business entity type.

Select an industry in the U.S. economy, such as a medical practice, an insurance agency, or a supermarket. What type of organization (i.e. corporation, limited partnership, etc.) would be best suited for that industry? Address factors such as ease of formation, ability to raise capital, limits on owner liabilities, and other co

Violence at Work, Westside Health System

Please read the case provided in the link below (pages 257-263) and then answer the 3 questions below with 4-6 pages in length. Questions: 1. If you were Maryanne, what actions would you take and why? 2. In light of this incident, should West-side change any of its "standards of behavior policies" or " Corrective action pol

Request for Proposal to Solicit an Electrical Contractor

Using scenario below I need help preparing an RFP (Request for Proposal) to solicit an electrical contractor. The RFP should contain the following: 1. An Introduction to the project 2. Business profile (Just Use engineering Firm) 3. A description of the problem 4. A description of the Vendor responsibility (what you are

Issues to Consider Before Recruiting/Employing Older Workers

What are some critical issues that should be considered before recruiting and employing older workers? How can HR managers avoid litigation (legal action) for discrimination by older workers? Should the job expectations be different for older workers? See the attachment.

Qualitative method, regression method, multiple equation method

1. Do you think that forecasting based on the arithmetical average of a given number of past data will be a correct forecasting for a business trend? Would you please tell us how qualitative method, regression method, multiple equation method, and moving average method are used in forecasting? What types of data do you need for

Theory X and Theory Y

As you read about Douglas McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y in the background materials, you might have wondered how it applies to your own organization. Now is your chance to find out!. Take the following free survey offered by And total both scores -

Optimal Order Quantity of Coffee

A specialty coffeehouse sells Colombia coffee at a fairly steady rate of 280 pounds annually. The beans are purchased from local supplier for $2.40 per pound. The coffeehouse estimates that it cost $45 in paperwork and labor to place an order for the coffee, and holding costs are based on a 20% annual interest rate. a. Determin

Pixar & Disney's John Lasseter Case Study

The case focuses on John Lasseter, who currently is the creative head of Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios, both of which are owned by the Walt Disney Company. The case chronicles Lasseter's interests in animation from a young age, the relationship he developed with the Disney organization, his developing inte

Business Management: Wolf Story

See attached file for the case study. Your task is to read the piece and then comment on your thoughts and reactions to it RELATIVE TO YOUR LIFE AND EXPERIENCES. This is not to be a general analysis but a connection between what you are reading and you. There is not a "required" length - I am looking for a substantive res

Risk Identification, Assessment and Strategies in Security

Explain the process of risk identification, risk assessment, and the development of risk control strategies in designing security for an information management system. What are some of the risk control strategies a company can employ to minimize risk? Describe how an organization uses each of these tools in developing a risk

Employee Needs and Expectations

Explain how employees' needs and expectations may change with age and family patterns. It is a fact that the "baby boomer" generation (those born between 1946 and 1964) (WELLS, 2000), has come and will be coming into their senior years very quickly. What these employees needed and wanted 40 years ago versus what they need an

Needs and Expectations of Employees

Explain how employees' needs and expectations may change with age and family patterns. Compare the definition of the term "family" used today with that of the 1950s. So what is the difference between the workplace and family of the 1950s and today? As Jennifer Buckett writes in her article published on web site, www.helium.

Comparing Internet Sites Related to Special Security Threats

Compare three Internet sites related to special security threats. Create an file which lists the links for the sites that you located, write an explanation as to the significance of these sites and why you chose them. These 3 websites must be a reliable and reputable source.

What are key things that senior management must do to effectively run a business?

Can you comment on below? Discussion. What are the key things that senior management must do to effectively run the business? Senior management's role has to do with the big picture. Senior managers are responsible for the decisions that have to do with the company's directions. Senior managers are responsible for developi

Utilitarian Paper on The Ford Pinto Case Study

A number of critics have claimed that the Ford Motor Company acted unethically in producing the Ford Pinto as it did, knowing that it could have been made safer by adding an inexpensive part. Read carefully the Case Study, "The Ford Pinto Case" in De George, pp 298-99. You are to decide on the basis of the best utilitarian