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Business Management

Perceptions of Sex and Gender in Negotiations

What is the difference between sex and gender? What are several ways that women conceptualize negotiations differently than men? Explain how stereotypes matter in negotiation. Define perception and perceptual distortion by generalization. Explain how perception distortion can cause biases in negotiation. How can you use thi

Virtual Collaboration

(1) In what business situation would video conferencing be most useful to virtual collaboration? (2) Identify its particular advantages and disadvantages. (3) Link insights to overall VTC concepts of people, time relationship and process.

What are some causes of change in supply and demand?

What are some causes of change in supply and demand for the market for a health care good or service, such as blood or organ donation or nursing care facilities? How do they affect equilibrium price and quantity?

Managing information

The rise of information systems has enabled organizations and governments to gather an incredible amount of information profiling individual customers. Using real work examples, analyze the legal, ethical and social implications of storing and using this information by organizations.

Managing information

Information systems and internet have become intertwined in almost every aspect of our lives. Analyze the unethical uses of information systems/ technology providing arguments on how this can have a negative impact on society/the human race from a social point of view.

Managing information

Information systems and Digital Technology are used by firms in a variety of ways in order to achieve competitive advantage. Using suitable framework show how the use of information systems/ Digital Technology can be used to increase attractiveness of a particular market and increase competitive advantage in which an organiza

Organization development

Given the factors of globalization, technology, workforce changes, and organization structure provide at least three thoughts on how you can be an effective change agent for your current or future organization.

Strategic management Toyota's strategies

i) What strategy (or combination of strategies) did Toyota use to turn it into a powerhouse? ii) To what extent has Toyota's strategy (or combination of strategies) changed over the years, or been constant? iii) How does Toyota's strategy (or combination of strategies) "fit" with the environment of the automobile industr

change in management

How might a change in management impact your organization, both negatively and positively? Would there be a frequency limit in how often a change might have a positive impact? What happens if there are multiple successions over time?

"Too Big to Fail"

"Too Big to Fail" is the title of a recent book and a movie by HBO. It refers to the bailout of the major financial institutions that began in 2008, and at the time there was concern, by some, the United States would fall into a depression without this aid. For the purpose of this discussion I would also like to include the bail

Activities Necessary to Liquidity Management

What activities are necessary to liquidity management? How does liquidity management contribute to a non-profit organization's mission? How is liquidity management used in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar? Explain your answer.

Chevy Volt Case

1. What does the Chevy Volt case tell you about the nature of strategic decision-making at a large complex organization like GM? 2. What trends in the external environment favored the pursuit of the Chevy Volt project? 3. What impediments to pursuing this project do you think existed within GM? 4. The plan for the Chevy Volt

General Motors

Explore the GM website: http://www.gm.com/ 1. Characterize GM's commitment to the environment? 2. Do you think this commitment will offset the environmental issues with fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions? Provide support for your opinion. 3. What are GM's real strategic reasons for these environmental initiatives?

Business Management: Group-think

Please help me with an assignment by providing some thoughts on group-think: List some steps a manager can take to prevent group-think in his or her group/team. Thank you for your help.

Daniel Kahneman's Theories

Discuss examples of Daniel Kahneman's theories and examples as they relate to your work and life. How do they change the way you think about forecasting? 1) You must provide specific examples of biases in forecasting you have observed or can expect in the work environment. 2) These biases must be related to names of biases

Management Research Hierarchy

"Calling Up Attendance: TeleCenter System Users Forum" Nashville-based TCS Management Group markets TeleCenter System software used to forecast staffing needs for reservation centers, order centers, or customer service centers. Using TeleCenter systems allows companies to have the correct number of people on duty at any hour

Negotiations: Coalition and the Roles of Participants

1) Describe the process for forming a coalition. Why do coalitions form? Under what circumstances will you form a coalition in negotiations? 2) Describe the roles of constituent and agent in a negotiation. How can you manage constituent outcomes and behavioral contract as an agent? How can you manage outcomes and behavioral con

Organization Selection

The initial step in developing your strategic management plan project is to select a health care organization. For more information on topic options, refer to the course project description. When you have determined your organization, begin analyzing the following factors that affect your particular type of health care system:

Economic Order Quantities

Tax Preparers Inc. works 250 days per year. The company uses adding machine tape at a rate of eight rolls per day. Usage is believed to be normally distributed with a standard deviation of three rolls during lead time. The cost of ordering the tape is $10 and holding costs are $0.30 per roll per year. Lead time is two days. (

Management Concepts and Constructs

Below are some terms commonly found in management settings. Are these terms concepts or constructs? Substantiate your classifications. First-line supervisor Employee morale Assembly line Overdue account Line management Leadership Union democracy Ethical standards

Foreign Country's Interviews

Problem, Identify four indiviuals who either grew up in a foreign country or who have lived in a foreign country for more than one year.Interview those four persons. Try to have four different countries represented. During each interview, develop a list of eight key differences between American style/custom and that particular c