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    MLB or Super Wal-Mart relocating to your town

    I am involved in a debate with two of my friends. One is very excited about the possibility of a MLB team relocating to your town. She says it will give the community a huge economic boost and create many more jobs. My other friend claims that your town would be better off attracting a Super Wal-Mart as that will have more of a

    Provide a Simple Definition of Nonprobability Sampling

    Q1 Provide a simple definition of a nonprobability sampling and provide an example of each type of nonprobability sampling. Q2 Jake and 10 other consumers were invited to participate in a focus group to discuss their experience with using the iPhone. Develop a set of questions the focus group moderator might ask to gain a bet

    Agency Conflicts and Corporate Governance

    The following quotation appeared in the Fortune magazine "I have never asked to serve on a corporate board, never even hinted at wanting to be on one. And I have never asked to be on a compensation committee. I suspect that the reason I've been put on so many is that word gets around that I believe in paying people very, very we

    Hospitality: 3 Gaming Management Questions

    1.) How is running a casino similar to running another business? What aspects of gaming operations are unique to the industry? What specific skills do casino managers need that managers of other businesses might not need? Give specific examples to support your answers. 2.) What would a human resources director need to know to

    Prepare a training you have received in your current organization

    Prepare a 350- to 700-word examination of the various types of training you have received in your current organization as a (Car Dealership). Consider orientation/new-hire, on-going professional development, technology, mentoring, and peer coaching. Discuss the types of training you found the most beneficial and why. Add

    This post addresses issues with training.

    What are the benefits of training? What are the possible ramifications of poor or no training? How can training be used as a motivational tool? What is the most important type of training? Why?

    Fishbone Diagrams

    One tool to use in performance improvement is the fishbone diagram also referred to as an Ishikawa diagram. The name is derived from the fact that it looks like one long spine with various bones branching out. This is a diagram that outlines several main potential causes for a difficulty with the end objective of what your overa

    Managing a portfolio of companies

    What are the challenges in managing a portfolio of companies? Identify an organization that has been consistently successful. What critical success factors have they emphasized?

    BP America, Inc: The Prudhoe Bay Oil Spill and a Commitment to Being Green

    Attached is a case on BP America, Inc. Write an analysis in which the following questions are answered, using no outside research: 1. Regardless of the spill's cause(s), what does this situation do to BP's corporate image? 2. Throughout the events involved in the leak incident, who are the key stakeholders? 3. What

    Business: Unpleasant Group Experience

    1. Identify a time in which you worked with a group (work group, church group, school group, etc.) where the experience was unpleasant. Without naming anyone within the group summarize the group's mission and then explain "why" you felt the group didn't live up to its potential. Be specific in identifying issues. 2. What coul

    Performance Management Definitions and Usage Scenarios

    Question 1: Define the three broad purposes for performance management (strategic, administrative and developmental purposes), and provide an example of a situation that relates to each purpose. Question 2: You have just been promoted to manager of your department. Your supervisor has asked that you review the current perform

    What is the purpose of life 'Getting and Spending' or 'Loving and serving' ?

    Write a rebuttal to the article using valid arguments and supporting data. In the rebuttal, offer an analysis in which you do the following: -Analyze the reliability, credibility, and validity of the data used by the author. -Identify any logical fallacies in the argument. Make sure that you posted/ attach the article. In

    Assessing the way training is used in the change process

    Assessing the way training is used in the change process: Reflect on either an organization-wide change or a change targeted at a particular department or unit in your organization. Consider the following points and then make a brief assessment of the way training was used to help achieve change: -Was there any evidenc

    This post addresses how to report various items.

    Management Reporting. For each of the following issue, classify them according to whether they will be (1) included in management representations if material, (2) Included in management representations regardless of materiality, or (3) not included in management representations. a. Management acknowledgement of its responsibili

    Threaded Discussion

    Full Factorial or Fractional Factorial? Why would you want to use a full factorial design versus a fractional factorial design? In other words, what types of situations are best for full factorial and which ones are best for fractional factorial. Provide an example of type of situation.

    Treaded Discussion

    Control Chart Examples Cite an example of your personal experience with control charts. Use the classic questions of journalism to elaborate your answer: who, what, why, when, where, how? If you have no direct experience with control charts, cite an example of where control charts could help to improve processes.

    Scatter diagram

    Oregon Fiber Board makes roof liners for the automotive industry. The manufacturing manager is concerned about product quality. She suspects that one particular failure, tears in the fabric, is related to production-run size. An assistant gathers the following data from production records. Please see attachment for questi

    Resumes or CV

    1. The purpose for each type of resume, how they differ, and when you personally would use each type of resume or CV. 2. Identify the primary type of resume and /or CV you expect to use in your job search and career progression. 3. Explain how often a resume and /or CV should be updated (Support your answer). 4. Choose a or

    Management questions

    Part B - You decide to use more sophisticated methods to forecast future sales. Prepare a linear regression and exponential smoothing forecast (with alpha = 0.2) for the data (assume that the initial forecast is equal to the average of all demand data). Calculate the mean absolute deviation (MAD) and tracking signal (TS) for eac

    Personnel Management Case Study

    "Adobe Consulting Services (ACS), a provider of HR software application systems, prides itself on the variety of benefits it offers employees. In addition to healthcare, pension, and vacation benefits, the company also offers an attractive family-friendly benefits package including flexible schedules, child and elder care assist

    Expanding an Organization Problem

    Suppose 5 years have passed and your organization (Specialty Care Clinics for Children) is looking to expand overseas. You have chosen to enter the India market who has unmet demand for your service. Would the price be more or less than what you charge domestically? Will you hire domestically or outside the country?Why? W

    Teamwork Guidelines

    You have completed the planning sessions. As a combined unit (representing both the external and internal consulting teams), you will discuss guidelines for how you will work together. Respond to the following: 1. List the things the consulting team needs to address so they will operate effectively. 2. What process or t

    ROWE: Results Only Work Environment

    Case Study: Best Buy is a large national retailer with many full-time and part-time employees in more than 1,000 stores. Beginning several years ago, Best Buy has made major changes in its work schedules. Rather than emphasizing fixed hours, Best Buy increased use of flexible work hours in its corporate headquarters and stor

    Employee Retention Rates in Car Dealer, Industry, Job Level

    Select a (Car Dealer) as a retail organization to serve as the basis for this assignment. Investigate the employee retention rates at the industry, retail category, and job level. Prepare a summary of your findings. Comment on whether attrition rates in the retail industry are higher than other industries and explain why.

    resistance to change

    Understanding and managing organizational change presents complex challenges. Planned change may not work, and at the root of it all is "resistance". Please address the following: When Jorge Maldonado became general manager of the local civic recreation center, he realized that many changes would be necessary to make the f