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    This addresses case study: I thought I gave them everything.

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    Case Study: I thought I gave them Everything.
    Henry Gonzales has been the manager of Quality Foods' Seventh Street store for four years. Henry is considered among Quality's top managers for making the once-unprofitable store the sales leader of the company. Henry works hard and expects the same of all store employees. He emphasizes financial rewards for hard work and has initiated a pay incentive plan for supervisors who are able to cut cost or increase sales in their respective departments.
    Henry was angry and upset when the personnel director for Quality informed him that two of his leading supervisors had requested transfers to other Quality stores. Didn't they realize they were in the best of Quality's Stores and making more money than their counterparts in less profitable operations? Did they really more of his time, as the personnel director intimated? Why should grown people need hand-holding? Didn't they recognize that he was busy and always worked for the best interests of the store and his supervisors?
    Henry wondered what he should do nest. He felt inclined just to let them leave and see how they would like not work under another manager. On the other hand, they were good workers. Should he talk with them? What would he say?
    Henry Gonzales is like many busy managers who lose touch with the wants and needs of those who work for them.

    Part 1
    Provide a short summary of the case and respond to the following three questions
    1). As you study Henry's problem, think about what you would advise Henry to do.
    2. What does Henry need to know about communication competency.
    3). Discuss the relationship between communication and motivation.

    Part 2
    Relate the case to the motivational theories of Intrapersonal Experience and provide examples of behavior of participants and how it represents the chosen theories.

    Part 3
    Relate the case to the following ten work-related items Be specific about the participants of the case and the work-related items.
    1. Sensitivity to personal problems
    2. Interesting work
    3. Salary
    4. Job security
    5. Loyalty of company to employees
    6. Tactful and constructive criticism
    7. Appreciation for work
    8. A sense of belonging
    9. Good working conditions
    10. Opportunities for advancement.

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    Part 1
    Provide a short summary of the case and respond to the following three questions.
    Henry is the manager of Quality Foods and has been in his current position for four years. He is considered to be one of the company's top managers. Henry has initiated a pay incentive plan for supervisors that are based on the supervisor's ability to cut costs or increase sales.
    Henry became upset when he was notified that despite his efforts with the supervisors, two supervisors requested to be transferred to other stores not under Henry's supervision. Henry acknowledges that he is very busy and although he always gives priority to the best interests of the supervisors, he doesn't have time for "hand-holding."
    Henry is unsure of the actions he should take in regards to the two supervisors that requested transfers. He was unsure if he should approach the supervisors and initiate conversation with them, and what he would say to the supervisors if he did approach them regarding their requests for a transfer.

    1). As you study Henry's problem, think about what you would advise Henry to do.
    The first thing I would recommend is for Henry to evaluate the possible reasons as to why the two supervisors are requesting transfers. Henry has established that he has a pay incentive program in place, but it appears based on the information provided that Henry has a complete lack of communication with his managers.
    I would advise Henry to speak with the managers after he has analyzed his own actions, so that he could approach the managers with possible ways that he can improve his own communication skills with the managers. If he does so, it would increase his chances of being able to retain the supervisors because it would show that he acknowledges that there is a serious communication issue and that he is working on correcting the problem.

    2. What does Henry need to know about communication competency?
    Henry needs a basic understanding of communication competency, at the minimum. This would be the least amount required for someone in his position. It would be preferable that a manager have an extensive amount of experience in communication competency, but at the minimum, Henry should be able to effectively communicate with his peers and subordinates, including the two ...

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