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Business Management

Motivational research proposal

Can you help me with this assignment? Create a research proposal, given what you know about motivation FROM your research that explores a hypothesis that needs to be examined and incorporates job attitudes, motivation, organizational stressors, and performance. ? Include an introduction, problem statement, research ques

Food and Beverage Management: Appearance, Atmosphere

1. An establishment's appearence is very important. How about their atmosphere? How can you as a manager create and atmosphere were customers keep coming back? 2. Who is more important the FOH or the BOH and why?

Relationship between two events from a design perspective

Assume you are a consultant to the CEO of the XYZ Company. The company manufactures custom electronic components for passenger aircraft. In its thirty-year history XYZ has been organized as a traditional functional bureaucracy. The CEO has brought you in to recommend a solution to what she thinks are two significant problems.

Operations Management Question

Discuss the strategic importance of layout decisions. How can a particular layout impact a company's strategic goals? Provide some specific examples from industry.

Business Research Applications

Describe how "RESEARCH" is used (to improve business) in an organization with which you are familiar and how it can be used more effectively. 1. Overview - an overview of the organization and a brief description of the topic 2. Current Research - what is an example of research currently used in the organization 3. Resear

Influential factor in training, truth of training paradox

1. What is the most influential factor, positive or negative, that affects training? How does this factor influence training? Please provide examples. 2. Is there any truth behind the training paradox? Explain why or why not and use examples for your rationale. 3. What do you think are the key components within a performa

difference between a sample and population mean/standard

Why is there a difference between a sample and population mean/standard deviation or a sample and population proportion? how accurately does the "sample" you discussed represent the actual or potential "population" of data? What steps can you take to improve the probability that decisions you make based on the sample will be rel

US Companies with Global Management Approach

Find some examples of international companies in the United States that demonstrate a global management approach to their operations. Provide some specific examples of practices or strategies that demonstrate this approach. Then answer the following questions: * Why has it become so important for companies to become

Strategic Management: Leadership, Buffering, Structure, Culture

1. What is the relationship between strategy, structure, leadership and culture? How does each affect strategy formulation and strategy implementation? 2. Differentiate between a leader and a manager - what role does each play in the strategic management process? 3. How does one "manage around culture?" How can a firm's

Strategic Management, Pros and cons of organizations

1. Tom Peters (1984) said that your strategy is your structure - agree or disagree. 2. What are the pros and cons of traditional, virtual, and web-based organizations? Which works when and why? 3. Why are alliances, networks, and web-based structures becoming popular? Is there any logic behind these movements? 4. Wha

Strategy implementation, policy vs rule, agency theory

1. Short term objectives and functional tactics implement strategy - why? What problems may occur through this form of strategy implementation? 2. What is a policy? How does it differ from a rule? 3. How does executive compensation factor into the issue of strategy implementation? 4. Research "agency theory" and its

Food and Beverage Management: What are FOH and BOH Job Functions

1. What are FOH and BOH job functions? What are differences and similarities between FOH and BOH employees? What effect do these differences and similarities have on managing a food and beverage operation? 2. What are at least five different staffing challenges specific to a food and beverage operation? What are effects of th

Cognition and Negotiation: Perception distortion

Discuss one implication that you associate with perceptual distortion. How you will apply a method to help you manage perception, cognition, or emotions. One perceptual distortion that you think you have applied to someone or that was applied to you. How did this error affect the situation. How this error would have affec

Hours of production time would you schedule for X and Y

For the four basic configurations that follow, assume that the market is demanding product that must be processed by both Resource X and Resource Y for Cases 1,2,3. For case 4 both resources supply separate buy dependent markets, that is the number of units of output from both X and Y must be equal. Plans are being made to pr

Reasons an employer might give for not offering the wrestling

Bella, the new HR Manager, and James, the Training Manager were posting employee legislation posters in the employee cafeteria at Wellness Foods & Apparel. James comments, "I remember when a pregnant woman applied for a job to advertise men's soccer and wrestling clothing/gear and sued when she didn't get the job. The EEOC sai

What was the problem with the merit-based pay plan that Howe 2 Ski Stores uses?

Summer 2011 - Compensation Exercise 1. What was the problem with the merit-based pay plan that Howe 2 Ski Stores was using? 2. What alternative compensation plan would you recommend (i.e., gainsharing, profit sharing, ownership, incentives, balanced scorecard, etc.) to help solve these issues? Please be specific abou

fraud prevention program

Mary Moore, the CEO of Beta Inc., has called a management meeting to discuss a comprehensive fraud prevention program. She is very supportive of both internal audit and investigation functions and realizes it would be cost effective to have a comprehensive fraud prevention program. The management team wants to institute seve

Security Education and Training Awareness Programs

I am tasked to help develop a security and training awareness program for my small-to-medium organization (see scenario below). ------------------------ "The Business Organisation is an information holdings with about 600 staff. A recent audit of the organisation's information security management system found it to be def

Business Operations Management Layout Design

Layout Design Paper 1) Identify the type of layout that might be adopted by a high end custom bicycle assembler 2) Explaining the reasons for your choice: 3) State any assumptions that you are making. 4) Discuss the implications of variety and volume on product flow and/or the implications of variety and volume on custom

Strategic Training most important aspect

What do you think is the most important aspect of strategic training? Which model is generally most effective and why? Here are the five (5) models discussed in my textbook 1. Faculty Model-which is headed by a director and staffed with experts in particular topics 2. Customer Model-which trains for just one specific divi

Differences in managing cash flow of a for-profit verus a non-profit, financial perspectives vs other three, are there irrelevant customers or clients? The complex system for stakeholders!

(1) What might be the difference in managing the cash flow of a for-profit verus a non-profit? (2) Many companies place diproportionate emphasis on the financial perspective at the expense of the other three perspectives. Give an example of an organization which you are familiar from either previous work, the news, or persona

Rational Basis for Statute: Minnesota legislation for retail milk containers

The Minnesota legislature enacted a 1977 statute banning the retail sale of milk in plastic nonreturnable, nonrefillable containers but permitting such sale in other nonrefillable containers, such as paperboard milk cartons. Clover Leaf Creamery brought suit challenging the constitutionality of the statue under the Equal Protec

HRIS-Security and Privacy Considerations

Why are information security and privacy important considerations in the designing, development, and maintenance of an HRIS? What are the important goals and considerations of information security? What are some of the best practices for managing information security and privacy in terms of procedural, technical, and physical co

Develop awareness of current business/economic events - HP

Purpose: Develop awareness of current business/economic events. The article I chose is at this link: "A tablet that is ready to take" by Chris Nuttall. Chosen company: HP. Deliverable: Paper The paper should be a 2-page maximum (Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, 1" margin, appropriate internal cita