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Business Management

Management Case: Zillow changes the rules in real estate

Please see attached file. Discuss the questions posed at the end of the case "Management decision Case: Zillow Changes the Rules in Real Estate." Questions: 1. As a real estate agent, how would you address customer questions about Zillow and its value in home buying/selling process? 2. Zillow has the potential to signifi

Inventory control: Douglas Boats

Douglas Boats is a supplier of boating equipment for the states of Oregon and Washington. It sells 5,000 White Marine WM-4 diesel engines every year. These engines are shipped to Douglas in a shipping container of 100 cubic feet, and Douglas Boats keeps the warehouse full of these WM-4 motors. The warehouse can hold 5,000 cub

Report of business trip to foreign country

Imagine that you are an American businessperson who has recently returned from doing business in another country. You are asked to write a report regarding the details of your trip. The following questions can be used as guidelines for your report, but it is not required that all these questions are answered. Be creative. Wh

Topic on persuading buyers to a new product or managers to a new process

Construct a scenario in which you are making a presentation to persuade an audience (you may select the topic, such as persuading buyers to purchase a new product or persuading senior managers to implement a new process). Describe your audience. What key elements will be included in your presentation to capture the audience's at

Management of Information Systems & Business Strategy

Please help with the following discussion questions: ONE: In dealing with "information" systems you will encounter the terms "data", "information", "knowledge" and sometimes "wisdom." Is there really any difference or should a business focus on the "facts" and forget all of the hocus pocus of the more fancy terms? What is

Discussion Forum: Vaccine Distribution

How does vaccine distribution relate to key operations and supply chain management questions including: quality management, new product development and forecasting? Could more vaccine be made available if the government or patients simply paid more money for it? What are the pluses and minuses of producing extra at an increas

AeroTech Case Study

See attached file for full problem. Assist in writing a brief, but thorough document addressing the following from Case Study. 1. What data would illustrate whether these underlying problems are occurring? Which method of data gathering would you use and why? 2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of that method?

Hotel and resort operations /Facilities Management

At a recent executive board meeting, the owners of your 300-room resort property were presented with the fact that energy costs for your property have risen from six percent of the property revenues to eight percent of revenues. They want to know what you plan to do to correct the situation. Explain how you would respond to

Changes for a work team with problems breaking them apart

Find a video clip or cartoon online depicting a work team with problems or a work group grappling with a difficult problem, which appears to be breaking them apart (you can clip the segment to not show the positive end that may its conclusion). Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their group behavior and their chances for ma

Microsoft Case Study: Anti-Trust Behaviour, Monopolies

Microsoft Monopoly--Why was Microsoft investigated for antitrust behavior? Was Microsoft trying to gain monopoly power in the computer software industry? Are monopolies always bad? Give at least one example of a case where having a monopoly may actually be a good thing. Concepts to possibly include: Monopoly Market Structure,

Sponsor an internal study on sexual harassment in the workplace

A major corporation agrees to sponsor an internal study on sexual harassment in the workplace. This is in response to concerns expressed by its female employees. How would you handle the following issues? a The communication approach (self-administered, telephone, personal interview, and/or mixed). b The purpose: Fact find

prima facie case

Describe the elements of a prima facie case of hostile work environment discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). How does this differ from the requirements of the Rehabilitation Act?


Based on your experience or readings, discuss the role of higher education and professional development providers in the preparation of Purchasing and Supply Management professionals to meet the challenges of the profession in first ten years of this century. What, in your judgment, is the basic difference between attaining a

Vision and mission statements, core values, link to plans

Explain the importance of your selected business' vision and mission in determining the strategic direction. In your paper be sure to include the following and organize your paper by these main thoughts, using headers: - Business Overview: Define the business, products/services, and customers. In this section, you will answer

Guidelines to lead a JAD discussion; Use of probing questions in an interview

Chapter 5 3. Suppose you were asked to lead a JAD session. List 10 guidelines you would follow in playing the proper role of a JAD session leader. 5. An interview lends itself easily to asking probing questions or asking different questions, depending on the answers provided by the interviewee. It is possible to use probin

Develop a histogram of the data: Excellent Manufacturing Company

Analyze the shape of the data and calculate the average or mean of the sample. Please review attached doc for complete information. As the quality manager at Excellent Manufacturing Company, the Drilling Supervisor has just explained a problem for the drilling of a 2.000" hole in a flange plate. The specs call for 2.000 +/

Generate a Scatter Diagram: Power Setting and Diameter in a drilling operation

Please review attached doc. Generate a Scatter Diagram from the given data and information: Use the following data to generate a Scatter Diagram to show the possible relationship between Power Setting and Diameter in a drilling operation. You can do this by hand and put it into a diagram in word, or you can use Excel. If y

Job analysis and evaluation of work

Can all jobs be analyzed? How do job analysis and job evaluation contribute towards the establishment of internal compensation structure? Why are there different approaches to job evaluation?

Common design challenges all organizations face

Can you help me with these questions? What are common design challenges all organizations face? What are the common design elements in a high-commitment work system? Explain each factor briefly. Describe your perfect organization in these terms.

The Fundamental of Organization Design

Discuss whether BEST BUY Business program current organizational design is effective or ineffective. What are some of the challenges based on Kates' and Galbraith's five design challenges? Finally, ensure you effectively use the Star Model to assist you in developing and producing your scholarly discussion.

Budgeting and Order of Magnitude

3. (TCO B) You have been requested to provide a contingency estimate for a project involving the manufacturing of a new television. You are provided with the following component and labor estimates, together with the type of estimate: Description Estimated base cost Type of estimate Plasma S

Collective Bargaining

Suppose you were called in to act as a consultant to a union that had just won representation rights in a manufacturing plant. The workers in that union were contemplating going out on strike to press for a substantial wage increase. You were asked to advise the union as to whether or not you thought their strike would be succes

Principle Categories of Sabotage

Describe the principal categories of sabotage that can take place in corporate business settings. Which is the most serious form of sabotage? Substantiate your response.

Chiropractic clinic will serve patients with a mental illness

PROJECT: Mental Health and Illness ACTIVITY: The current trend in care of those with mental illness is known as "the community support movement." Mental illness is quite common. We see mental illness diagnosed in children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Some mental illnesses may not affect care delivered in an ambu

Mental Illness: Why mental health may have a stigma

At least 20% of all Americans are diagnosed with some form of mental illness. At least 15% of all adults use some form of mental health services each year in this country. While most ambulatory care clinics focus on physical ailments, we cannot ignore that many of our patients also likely have a mental health issue, too. Post

Hospitality Industry Technological Tools

Please help me in 800 words or more analyze the hospitality industry's technological tools, such as web reservations systems, personal desktop assistants, and point of sale systems. â?¢Intro â?¢Select a technological tool used in the hospitality industry (from list above) â?¢Describe the selected tool. â?¢What eff