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    Company use of intranets

    I need assistance with a paper that describes the main reasons that companies implement intranets and one major obstacle to obtaining these benefits.

    Employee Relationship Management (ERM)

    I need some help with responding to this scenario: You have joined a small manufacturing organization that will be implementing an Employee Relationship Management (ERM) enterprise solution. This is their first large software implementation. At this time, software and computers are used by less than 10% of the employees so th

    Liquidity, Efficiency, and Leverage Ratios

    Choose a company whose products you use and obtain its most recent annual report. (Note: Annual reports can usually be found under the "investor relations" area of the company's website.) Calculate several of the ratios that you learned about this week. What conclusions about the company's financial strengths and weaknesses can

    Forecasting Models

    Explain the differences between qualitative and judgmental, statistical time-series, and explanatory / causal forecasting models.

    OSHA and ergonomics

    How does the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) encourage organizations to adopt ergonomic job design?

    workplace learning

    Describe how trends such as increased globalization, increased demands for skilled workforce, and emerging/new technologies and influenced current training and development issues or practices in the filed of workplace learning. How can one see these types of trends influence training practices in their current work or academic e

    Different Types of Plans and Planning Processes

    - What are the different types of plans that organizations can use? What types of plans does your organization use, and why do they use these plans? - What are the steps in the planning process? Which step is the most crucial? Why? - Do you think organizations can over plan? Explain

    Calculating the Net Expected Value

    I need help with the following: You are planning to make modifications to an existing application. You have identified: 30% probability of delay of receipt of resources - cost $50,000. 20% probability that the resources will be $10,000 cheaper than planned. 25% probability that there will be a problem integr

    Performance Scores

    What are the implications of the judgmental and mechanical methods of assigning performance scores?

    Case Study: Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics

    Case Study: Chapter 9, Role of Vision at Mentor Graphics Ã?· Students will read the case found in Chapter 9 (attached) and prepare a 3-4 page response to the following questions: 1. Discuss the way vision was used at Mentor Graphics. 2. Evaluate whether the vision strengthened or weakened the company. Support your answer

    Employees who Plateau

    Why do employees plateau? How could you help a plateaued employee? Discuss the characteristics of a plateaued employee who might resist your help.

    Career Management Systems

    - Why is career management an important element of any organization? - How would you go about designing a Career Management System? - What employees/positions should be included in this system?

    Operating Efficiency in the Supermarket Business

    I need help with these two questions: 1. What are the key drivers of operating efficiency in the supermarket business? What operating strategies should managers at supermarkets pursue to reach the efficiency frontier in their industry? 2. What are the benefits of having a globally dispersed supply chain? What are the risks

    Time and Logisitics

    Identify and explain six key contributions that speed can make to logistics and supply chain strategy.


    The manufacturing of products such as cars or computers has shifted from take-what-you-get to made-to-order. Identify three ways this change has been beneficial to the logistics management process?

    List of all the stakeholders in the city

    I am a member of the city planning commission, which is beginning the process of updating the city comprehensive plan. A comprehensive plan is the master land use plan for the city and is the basis for all land use decisions in the city. It also is the basis for all infrastructure projects in the city. I am working with a consu

    Job Earnings

    - Look up your current or former job title, and compare the earnings for that title in various parts of the country. Determine what factors might create a disparity for specific geographic regions and what effect this could have on employee motivation. - Evaluate how helpful this Website might be to employers and the type of da

    Methods of Research Challenges

    What are the challenges of conducting mixed methods research? What are some of the issues associated with sampling, validity, reliability, and bias within the context of the study

    Learning Team manage data resources for a team projects

    1) How should a Learning Team manage data resources for a team projects? 2) How could a Learning Team better manage the shared knowledge on a team? 3) What strategies or resources would help facilitate Learning Team knowledge management?

    Saving a Child or a Spouse

    If you were stranded in the middle of the ocean and you had the opportunity to save your child or spouse, who would you save and why? You can't save both of them, only one person.

    Training and Development: Example Question

    Suppose you are designing a training program for a group of 40 employees. These employees come from a wide range of ethnic and cultural backgrounds and have different educational and experience backgrounds relative to the content area of the training. What training design features would you use to address these constraints?