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Big City Sports

Professional sports and big-league cities go hand in hand. Hosting a professional sports franchise is evidence that a city has arrived per-se - that is not simply a large city but a major league city. Moreover, acquiring or retaining professional sports teams has become important in local economic development plans. From your perspective, is it wise for a major "metropolis" to promote professional sports? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

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When a city considers promoting professional sports, a balance between the advantages and disadvantages is necessary. This paper looks at those advantages and disadvantages within a critical framework.


1. A sports team moving to a big city creates a significant number of jobs. Usually, those jobs can influence the decision of the city to issue permits for the team to set up home.

2. When a sports team is situated in a city, it is inevitable that they will hold competitions. The fans of this new team, from another city or state will ...

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The solution discusses if it is wise for a major "metropolis" to promote professional sports, and what are the advantages and disadvantages.