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Business Management


1. Assume you were joining a company as a new employee. What steps would you take to determine the source of power within the organization? Of French and Raven's five forms of power, which do you consider the most important source of power and why? How would you use this information for your benefit in performing the duties of

Continuous improvement opportunities.

Oftentimes, in organizations there are areas fit for continuous improvement. What are some continuous improvement opportunities you may recommend in your existing organization to avoid complacency?

This post addresses common errors to implementing change.

Class, common errors that managers and leaders must be conscious to deliberately address early in implementing change pertains to: - Allowing too much complacency or downtime around the change. - Not organizing a powerful, influential change coalition. - Minimizing the power of establishing and communicating a change vision

Do you think there is an opportunity for police whistle blow

Do you think there is an opportunity for police whistle blowing in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida? Yes I think there is definitely an opportunity for whistle blowing on and or from the police department involved with the case. It could occur from someone who is... Please download for complete solution!

Budget Changes, Body Language, External/Internal Environments

In this current business environment, it is not uncommon for people to lose their jobs. Most of the time, job loss is not the result of poor performance. Therefore, as a way for Capella University to continue to help you further your career, you are to list at least ten signs that indicate you are about to lose your job. Conside

Discussion Question

Jack Billingsley is an active and ambitious young OD consultant, and he has been revelling about being in the "big time, for the first time" during his present assignment. He has begun working with several division heads--the first-reports to a CEO--whom he has barely met. One day Jack received a call from the office of the CEO

Interview Etiquette

1. Identify five (5) general (common) questions you believe will likely be asked by most interviewers. Prepare a response for each question regarding how you personally would answer each question. 2. Explain and identify what information about the organization you might need to research and be knowledgeable about before the i

professional development after college; relocation

1. Should you wait until after you graduate to begin your professional development (resume/CV and cover page writing, interview preparation, etc)? Why or why not? 2. Are you willing to relocate, if need be, to find employment? If so, under what circumstances would you accept relocation? If not, how do you think this choice wi

This post addresses the case of Jack Billingsley & Fletcher.

Case: Jack Billingsley is an active and ambitious young OD consultant, and he has been revelling about being in the "big time, for the first time" during his present assignment. He has begun working with several division heads--the first-reports to a CEO--whom he has barely met. One day, Jack received a call from the offi

Article Analysis: Difference Between Adolescents and Adults

Steinberg, L., Cauffman, E., Woolard, J., Graham, S. & Banich, M. (2009). Are adolescents less mature than adults?: Minors' access to abortion, the juvenile death penalty, and the alleged APA "flip-flop." American Psychologist. 64(7), 583-594. Retrieved from PsycARTICLES database. http://vlib.excelsior.edu/login?url=http://searc

Inherited Disorders

1.) Should parents have their genitic code analyzed and the probability of their having offspring with congenital defects or high sensitivity to diseases determined? 2.) Since the cost of treating these medical problems may be exorbitant, should people with genetic analysis shows a higher than average probability of having offs

ratios to measure airline performance

There are two ratios which are used to measure airline performance. One measures efficiency while the other measures equipment utilization. Is this sufficient? Describe what you think airlines should develop to measure performance. Be sure to describe how this data would be collected.

Management of public with other types of management strategies

Public organizations can be categorized into two basic categories: open and closed models of organization. Compose descriptions of two fictional public organizations that are structured around one being open and the other being closed. Briefly describe what services, goods, or activities each organization provides. Then, compare

Politics in Business Strategies

In 150-250 words in APA format with at least one reference with intext citation, answer the following: Since politics are so prevalent in organizations today, it is imperative to understand fully how to deal with political situations in order to be successful as a leader within these organizations. This week you learned more abo

Type of research design: exploratory, descriptive, or causal?

Which type of research designâ?" exploratory, descriptive, or causalâ?"is appropriate for the following examples? Explain why. -The goal of this research is to discover the real nature of the problem and to suggest new possible solutions or new ideas. -A food manufacturer wants to know the demographics of people who pur

Methods Section of Proposal

Complete the following areas of the Methods (Contraceptives taught before High School): 1. Method, Participants, Research Design, Instrumentation, and Data Collection Plans. (Estimated length - two pages). 2. Proposed Analysis of the Data. (Estimated length - one to two pages) -Method/Research Procedure/Methodology: Dete

Organizing a team

The problem: Buy the Book was about to re-open its flagship store after many consolidations and acquisitions. There are over 280 employees from 12 different nationalities and each with different bookstore training with different service styles. The bookstore will be operational in 4 weeks and everyone is frantically running a

internal and external growth strategies

Please answer the following questions regarding business management. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. What is the difference between internal and external growth strategies? What staffing problems do each of these present?

MLB or Super Wal-Mart relocating to your town

I am involved in a debate with two of my friends. One is very excited about the possibility of a MLB team relocating to your town. She says it will give the community a huge economic boost and create many more jobs. My other friend claims that your town would be better off attracting a Super Wal-Mart as that will have more of a

Provide a Simple Definition of Nonprobability Sampling

Q1 Provide a simple definition of a nonprobability sampling and provide an example of each type of nonprobability sampling. Q2 Jake and 10 other consumers were invited to participate in a focus group to discuss their experience with using the iPhone. Develop a set of questions the focus group moderator might ask to gain a bet

Agency Conflicts and Corporate Governance

The following quotation appeared in the Fortune magazine "I have never asked to serve on a corporate board, never even hinted at wanting to be on one. And I have never asked to be on a compensation committee. I suspect that the reason I've been put on so many is that word gets around that I believe in paying people very, very we

Hospitality: 3 Gaming Management Questions

1.) How is running a casino similar to running another business? What aspects of gaming operations are unique to the industry? What specific skills do casino managers need that managers of other businesses might not need? Give specific examples to support your answers. 2.) What would a human resources director need to know to

Prepare a training you have received in your current organization

Prepare a 350- to 700-word examination of the various types of training you have received in your current organization as a (Car Dealership). Consider orientation/new-hire, on-going professional development, technology, mentoring, and peer coaching. Discuss the types of training you found the most beneficial and why. Add