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Social Power in Organizations

I need some help regarding the following questions:

1. In order to access power in organizations, you must possess knowledge. There are two types of knowledge: technical knowledge about the work process, and knowledge of the organization's social system. Why is it important to have knowledge about the organization's social system?

2. What are some of the negatives associated with social motives in an organization? Give an example with which you are familiar.

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1. It's important to have an understanding about the organization's social system because you'll have a better understanding on how to manage employees according to their personalities, their behavior patterns, and bring the best out of them within a professional working environment. In addition, understanding how the system works can give you an advantage on creating a plan to motivate employees to embrace the company's mission and vision and the social culture of the organization. Without understanding the system or the culture, you would not have enough ...

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The expert examines social powers in organizations. The negatives associated with social motives in an organization are provided.