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    Practicality of Dr. Kennedy's Advice

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    Marilyn Moats Kennedy in 1998 published "The new rules of leadership and organizational politics - In the Trenches" in Physician Executive (http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0843/is_1_24/ai_102286818), but you don't need to be a doctor, or even be sick, to understand that power, politics, and leadership are integrally tied up, and that a leader needs to understand the political context within which s/he functions. Read this for the prescriptions offered -- and for a ten-year perspective on evolving trends.

    Your assessment of the practicality of Dr. Kennedy's advice, in light of the material presented in the other readings (be specific in your references)

    Any things that have changed, for better or worse, in the last ten years, from her article until now

    Anything about her medical context that makes it problematical trying to apply her ideas in other places, such as, perhaps, your organization

    Your overall thoughts on the management of power in social relationships, and the balance of personal vs. organizational responsibility for doing this management (please note -- there's no "one right answer" here, but when you've stated your conclusions, remember that you need to back up your argument with facts).


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    //Before lettering about the 'Political System in the Organization'; first, we have to write about the practicality of Dr. Kennedy's Advice. We should also understand the different leadership styles in the Organization. But firstly, I will write about the practicality of Dr. Kennedy's Advice; I am providing my point of view for this situation, so that you can understand it. For example:\

    Practicality of Dr. Kennedy's Advice

    Dr. Kennedy has significantly noticed how organizational politics evolve in an organization. She had given recommendations and various advices for the practice of various aspects related to an organization. The advices given by Dr. Kennedy can be applied in an organization to make its processes more efficient. Following are the various recommendations given by Dr. Kennedy and which can be applied in the work practices:

    She had given a general advice to practice leadership not management. This is appropriate to be applied at the work place, as young workers hate to be managed by anybody. All of them want to be trained in different practices during training which can enhance their knowledge. These young workers don't want to be directed by their seniors so it is good for an organization to practice different leadership styles.

    Dr. Kennedy had given advice to practice inclusion with a disregard to the employees. She had given an advice to the organization that they should adopt new practices for getting the participation of its employees. This can be applied at the workplace as young workers of the modern era don't like to attend meetings and in case they attend them, they don't take any interest. The organization should adopt different questions, different settings--one-on-one versus group to understand the participation techniques which will encourage its employees to take part in various activities.

    She had given advice to practice modesty, consideration and demand in the workplace which is beneficial for an organization in various ways. Modesty is very much required by the senior employees of an ...

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