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Business Management

Power in organizations

So power is about the capacity that A has to influence the behavior of B, so that B acts in accordance with A's wishes. Whether you are using reward, coercive, legitimate, expert, or referent power, and you have all provided fantastic examples of how each power type is used in the workplace. Class, as we ponder this animal ca

Addressing Types of Power

From an organizational behavior perspective, power is the capacity to influence the behavior of others. Power relationships are the medium within which business is conducted. There are different types of power including the following: - Reward Power - Coercive Power - Legitimate Power - Expert Power - Referent Power Pl

Goverment-led training initiatives

1. Write a note on 'Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA)' and 'National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs)'. 2. What led the UK government to launch and develop the 'Learning & Skilling Initiatives' competency schemes for their labour market? The emergence of Human Capital Theory viewed HRD as an investment as per the

Design of Experiments or Multiple Regression

Why would you want to use Design of Experiments rather than Multiple Regression? In other words, what situations are more suited for DOE and which ones more suited to Multiple Regression? Provide and example of each type of situation.

Gaming Hospitality Opinions

1.) Why do you think various forms of gambling have been popular throughout history? Do you think the popularity of gaming in the U.S. is related to our culture? Are Americans gamblers by nature? Give specific examples to support your opinions. 2.) What event had the most significant effect on the public opinion or the legal

Clock Speed

The manufacturing process utilizes technology clock speed for the manufacturing of a product or good. What is clock speed, and in what ways may clock speed differ and what products are manufactured under a particular clock speed?

Expected US GDP growth rate going forward

Address the expected US GDP growth rate going forward to the local chamber of commerce giving business leaders an outlook of our economy going forward based on recent history and expected future conditions. Include current trends, forecasts and stats along with describing how the GDP is determined and how to intrepret it.

Team-Work vs. Solitary Work

Should workers be required to work in teams if they prefer not to do so, that is, if they prefer to be evaluated based only on their individual efforts? What are the implications of allowing people such choices (positive or otherwise)?

Global Operations Management for Bit Technology, Inc

Consider the following scenario and respond to the questions that follow. A new firm, Bit Technology Inc., is deciding where to locate its facilities internationally. - If this firm is a high-tech manufacturing firm, what resource and operational factors should be considered in this decision? - How might the organization'

Business owner as a competitive entity or remain

1. Would it be wise to keep up as a business owner as a competitive entity or remain where one is and perfect it slowly? 2. As a group do you think gender equality is well accepted in the US? Think about the differences between small town Iowa, backwoods Louisiana, and Berkeley, California. Think they are different or similar

Strategic Management- Organization Structure

Evaluate the decision-making process and its effect within the context of increased competition for health care dollars. Keep in mind that true strategic management and planning involve the ability to create the vision for health care delivery in the future and the skill to then align the resources necessary to achieve that visi

This post addresses the multi-generational workforce.

There are now at least four generations in the workplace at one time. They are: the traditionalist (born prior to 1946 and retirement eligible); baby boomers (born between 1946-1967); generation X (born 1968-1980); Generation Y (born in the 1980's). The Millenials will be joining the workforce in another 10 years. The Millenials

Negotiation and Bargaining Differentiation

1. Differentiate between types of negotiation outcomes (cross-cultural negotiation) 2. Determine strategies and tactics for distributive bargaining 3. Determine strategies and tactics for integrative negotiation

Mattel lead toy recall

In regards to the Mattel recall of lead found in children's toys: What is the best way to ensure the safety of children's toys? Consider how the following groups would answer this question: government regulators (in the U.S. and China); consumer advocates, the toy industry, children's product retailers; and standard-setting

Behavioral Challenges

Some people argue that consumer behavior is all emotional, and some that the behavior is all rational. Explain some of the rational considerations consumers have when considering purchasing a new home. Now explain some of the emotional factors. Which do you think is stronger?

You work as a seller in a large auto dealership

You work as a seller in a large auto dealership. Your boss is all excited because he found a market research report titled, "What Women Want When Buying A New Car." The boss wants you to include the research findings in your sales presentations. But the report was written in 1974. Write three paragraphs about what problems may e

Management Override

What is management override and do you think that it is an issue that can be easily controlled? Why or why not? I am including a link to an AICPA publication that discusses management override and what audit committee's can do address the risk. There are also great sections on ethical challenges that management faces. (htt

Reebok & The Bis Corporation & American Tool Works cases

Please see case study in attachments and answer the following questions: 1. What are the main problems faced by Reebok? (4 - 6 sentences) 2. Identify at least 6 potential causes of the problems faced by Reebok. 3. Propose at least 4 potential solutions that may help solve the problems faced by Reebok. The Bis Co

Addressing Defining a Dream Job and Its Importance

If you had a dream job what would it be and why? Note: I would like to work with children with mental and physical disabilities, as my son is a special needs child. Can you can approach the solution with this in mind?

Public vs Private Workplace

Discuss the characteristics of a public vs. private workplace and provide two examples of each. Why might union density be so much higher in public workplaces than in private workplaces?

Three "P's": Possible, Probable, and Plausible

Trend forecasters, sometimes called "futurists", use three "P's": Possible, Probable, and Plausible. Possible includes the "outliers" on the classic bell curve. Probable narrows the spectrum to the mean, median, and mode at the top of the bell curve. Plausible narrows the probable to those activities or options that humans will

Being a Price Maker or a Price Taker

A dermatologist will have to perform serious due diligence to determine the demand, the market composition [demographics], the competition, and the level of risk. The new entrant in the market will need to anticipate how he can improve return on assets and plan risk management strategies that will help him overcome the potential