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Stereotyping: Officer Earring

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Stereotyping based upon physical characteristics or appearance is a basis for prejudice. As an arbitrator, give reasons to decide in favor of or against an officer's right to wear an earring. Explain your answer.

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The solution provides a detailed discussion examining if an officer should have a right to wear an earring. A complete rationale supporting the answer is given.

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I don't believe officers should be able to wear earrings for a few different reasons, and I would decide against it. Part of this scenario is that there is stereotyping that takes place, and in the case of earrings, this can be easily proven. Earrings are traditionally a woman's accessory, although many gentleman also wear a stud earring. One of the main points in this case is that we're not talking about a businessman or factory worker, or a salesman. We're specifically dealing with an officer, who also by stereotype would immediately bring up various prejudices, like because ...

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