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    Community-Human Relations and the Police

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    There are several attitudes and behaviors that, when exhibited by police officers, can cause problems and have a negative impact on community relations. This library solution provides an overview of some of the more common police problems that can lead to poor police-community relations.

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    Overview of Potential Problems with Police Officer Attitudes or Conduct that can Negatively Impact Police-Community Relations:

    Certain behaviors and attitudes exhibited by some police officers can damage police-community relations. Likewise, when these same behaviors or attitudes are displayed by members of the public toward the police, problems can arise if officers take such conduct personally. Some of these potential problems include: A cynical attitude, intolerance and prejudice, stereotyping, an attitude of superiority, anger and provocation, the officer as an authority symbol, and being manipulated into proving one's self.

    Over time police officers can develop a cynical attitude as a result of ...

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    This library solution provides an overview of several police problems (such as behaviors and attitudes) that can lead to poor police-community relations.