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    the Ethnocentrism Matrix

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    ** As per the attached document ** >> please assist with the Ethnocentrism Matrix

    ? Complete the Ethnocentrism Matrix by citing the advantages and disadvantages of each "cultural norm" characteristic listed. Discuss your answers.

    Media Reaction Paper
    ? Prepare a 1000-1,050-word Media Reaction Paper reviewing a current newspaper article, magazine article, television show, or motion picture that discusses or illustrates the portrayal of diversity in the media.
    ? In this assignment, address the following questions in relation to the selected article, motion picture, or television show:
    i. Did the article, television show, or motion picture attempt to address the diversity represented in the American landscape?
    ii. To what extent do the media rely on stereotypes when depicting a certain group?


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    The article reviewed is "Comedian brings laughter". This article was published on April 3, 2009, in the Campus newspaper of the University of Minnesota, Morris, The University Register. The article is written by Nick Anderson and describes the show of Eliot Chang. The show was presented by the Asian Student Association. Even though the show was a comedy, it discussed race in the media. The article is critical of Chang's show as according to the article is heavily dependent on stereotypes.

    i. Did the article, television show, or motion picture attempt to address the diversity represented in the American landscape?
    Chang did attempt to address the diversity represented in the American landscape by claiming that the first thing the audience noticed was his race and that he felt that his actions would be perceived to be representative of his entire society. Chang focused on how he and his brethren were perceived in the American society, however, his portrayal was more caricature than a true depiction of diversity in the American landscape. For instance, he claims that people assumed that Asians were dog-eating and had inborn karate abilities. These presumptions are not substantiated when one considers the true American Landscape. Chang deliberately focuses on stereotypes as he proffers his bawdy comedy. He deliberately raises sexual issues to play to the gallery. His purpose is to illustrate that stereotypes are not unqualified and should not be taken seriously. His vulgar yet comic message was that Asians should not be stereotyped (Anderson 2009).

    Essentially, Chang's message was ...

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