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    Boiled Frog Phenomenon and the Organization

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    I need to search the Internet to find the term "boiled frog" phenomenon. What is the "boiled frog" phenomenon? How does it apply to business and, particularly, strategic management? I need to do some research to find a business example of a situation where this has occurred. What could the business have done to avoid the effects of the phenomenon?

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    The "boiled frog" phenomenon is stated this way: "If you take a frog and put it in a pot of extremely hot water, it's obvious that frog will jump and try to get out of the water. However, if you put that same frog in a pot of water that is tepid, and turn the heat on very low, that frog will lay there very quietly; and as the water gradually heats up the frog will calmly fall in a state of unconsciousness; and eventually allow itself to be boiled to death" (Polynice, n.d.).

    The analogy of the "boiled frog" is for companies to trace and recognize the threats to its continued existence before it is too late. It ...

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    The solution discusses the boiled frog phenomenon and how to avoid it. Falling into the "boiled frog" syndrome or failure to change with the times is one of the top ten reasons why businesses fail.