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RCI's Orlando Business Development Team

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RCI's Orlando Business Development team was recently recognized amongst the 2011 Best Companies To Work For in Florida list, ranking fourth in the large companies category. In honor of this outstanding accomplishment, the team has been awarded a $3500 budget to plan a celebratory day of onsite and/or offsite activities. There are 25 Associates attending the celebration which can encompass both the "typical workday" hours as well as afterhours. The event is to take place in three weeks.

Please describe in detail your vision for this celebration and include your project plan as if you are the lead coordinator for this activity. Take into consideration the allocated budget and any logistics related to planning and communicating amongst the team. Your presentation should be in Microsoft Powerpoint format and may include additional materials as you see appropriate.

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The solution discusses RCI's Orlando Business Development team amongst the 2011 Best Companies To Work For in Florida.

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I have included a powerpoint presentation as a template (see attachment). You may change the design if you wish; my computer did not allow many choices. You may also change the format of your project plan. My advice would be to approach this small project as a work break down structure. The WBS is actually a ...

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