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Business Management

Suggestion System, Cost Reduction vs. Profit Sharing

Question #1 The suggestion system has been a major element in any employer plan to encourage greater employee involvement. What are the factors that failed many systems? Question # 2 What are the major differences between the cost-reduction and profit-sharing program? What are the philosophic issues underlying each t

Market Forces and Unionization (Retail Food Industry)

In this posting, we look at a chosen industry's receptivity to unionization. In so doing, the factors that led to the determination as such are also reviewed, and a labor market analysis performed so as to support any conclusions.

Business Responsibility: Milton Friedman Versus Archie Carroll

Can you help me with this assignment? I need to come up with a summary of both Milton Friedman (traditional view of business responsibility) and Archie Carroll main points (four responsibilities of business). I also need examples of organizations that use both types views.

Training Evaluation and Validation for Barbara Maddock

Barbara Maddock, the Director of Information Technology, stopped you on your way to lunch to inquire about ways to evaluate some training. She is planning some training in the area of providing better customer service in the technical support center. You had to rush off to a meeting, so you told her that you would send her a mem

JC Penney: Agency and Assault for Gimbels against DiDomenico

On March 29, 1983, Barry Mapp was observed in the JCPenney department store in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, by security personnel, who suspected that the might be a shoplifter. Michael DiDomenico, a security guard employed by JCPenney, followed Mr. Mapp when he left the store and proceeded to Gimbels department store. There, Mr.

Operations Management Transformations

In Transformation of Today's Management, Deming states that one of the seven deadly diseases is using only visible figures as an input to management. 1. How do you think this concept could effect your selection of data and measurement strategies? 2. When historical data are not available and the product or service is new

U.S. Supreme Court and Affirmative Action Plans

As you know, the OFCCP is the agency responsible for enforcing the executive orders that cover companies doing business with the federal government. Besides their EEO requirements, these businesses must have a written affirmative action plan on file and have goal achievement obligations. --Discuss two major U.S. Supreme

Process flowcharts

Describe the different ways the flowchart can be used. How would you change the level of detail depending on the audience?

Mission and Vision Paper for Northrop Grumman

Discuss Northrop Grumman -- the Organization would be Property Management i. Identify the organization for which you would like to complete or are considering completing a strategic plan. You may focus this study on a specific department, group, division, or function, within the organization. ii. Provide a brief b

Product Analysis: iPod

How did the performance of the iPod vary from its original projections? How did these variations impact the stakeholders?

Firing Low Performing Employees

Several large companies dismiss each year the five percent of their workforce receiving the lowest performance evaluations. What kind of conflicts do you think this practice leads to? In your opinion, how does this affect performance and teamwork?

Public Administration States Agencies

Examine three different state agencies' personnel evaluation systems and compare and contrast them. Please include any references used. Thanks for helping me get started!

Cash Forecasting

The CEO wants a cash flow forecast based on Changepoint AR invoicing information. The new system does not have a programmed report for this, so until a custom report is written, you will need to use an Excel spreadsheet model to forecast incoming cash. Of the company's actual sales, all are credit sales. None are cash

The Trucker's Trial Case Study

Second Case: THE TRUCKER'S TRIALS This case involves a truck driver (Jaime Smith) for a coal company who failed a random drug test. The driver and his/her union grieved the discharge and his/her case is assigned to an arbitration hearing on July 25, 2011. The employer, Appalachian Coal Company, and the United Mine Work

Management development

Please help me with this! Find a recent article (no more than a year old) that identifies KSAs that will be critical for managers in the immediate future. Provide a summary of the article and discuss its management development implications - please cite the article in references.

One of the recent Nobel Prize winners for economics was Oliver E. Williamson, for his work on economic governance and limitations of firms, including the concept of asymmetric information. The text below is to a somewhat humorous, yet applicable, article that relates this concept to monogamy and offers ways to overcome it. Discuss the issue of asymmetric information as posed in the article). Some people sincerely like monogamy; other people sincerely don't. Under the circumstances, it seems wise for everyone to just reveal their proclivities and pair up with people who share their expectations. Unfortunately, I don't see this happening. There is a fundamental flaw with monogamy, but it's not human nature. It's asymmetric information. My key assumption: Most people - even most commitmentphobes - prefer a person who will be true to them. When you announce your religion, you make yourself less desirable to people who reject your religion, but more desirable to people who share it. When you announce your rejection of monogamy, in contrast, you make yourself less desirable even to people who share your rejection. In a world of symmetric information, this wouldn't matter. People would know as much about your proclivities as you do, so there'd be no reason to pretend to be something you're not. But in the real world, no one knows your own preferences better than you do. The result: People pretend to be more monogamous than they really are. This leads to two kinds of dissatisfaction. First, people who are monogamous feel abused and betrayed. Second, people who are not monogamous feel like they "can't be themselves. Taken together, I think these two complaints explain most of the bitterness people feel about the institution of marriage. Based on the Game Theory you studied from the text, and your own research, what solutions can you suggest?

Can you help me with this assignment? One of the recent Nobel Prize winners for economics was Oliver E. Williamson, for his work on economic governance and limitations of firms, including the concept of asymmetric information. The text below is to a somewhat humorous, yet applicable, article that relates this concept to mono

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: John guilty of harassment

Consider the following case: Peggy had been working for a real estate agency for two months. During this time she developed a friendship with another fellow real estate agent, John. John helped Peggy learn the various policies and procedures of the office. During a recent office party John asked if Peggy would be intereste

Decisions in an ever changing economy

A home products discount store is considering expanding its capacity to meet a growing demand for its products. The alternatives are to build a new store, expand and refurbish the old store, or do nothing. Economists have projected the regional economic outlook: a 50% probability that the economy will remain unchanged (stable)

Social, political, technological factors shape direction

What are some examples of how social, political, and technological factors in the external environment play a role in shaping an organization's strategic direction? Suppose that during a SWOT analysis it is discover that the company has a clear advantage in cost of production. How might this factor shape the organization's f

Renault-volvo alliance

Following the french election in march 1993, the CEOs of volvo and renault needed to consider what modifications to their strategic alliance might be suggested by Renauls's impending Privatiazation. Was this the time to merge? What benefits would merger bring that were not already embodied in the alliance? How might a merger tra

The Importance of Control Systems

Why does control matter? Identify three principles that best tell us how to design a control system for an organization. Breifly describe why these principles are important for the development of systems of organization control.

What are 3 characteristics of well-written goals?

Can you help me with this assignment? One of the keys to successful leadership, planning, and communication in an organization is a set of well-laid plans for what you want the organization, your department, or you as an individual to achieve. The process of planning begins with setting appropriate goals. Select an organizat