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    Learning Team manage data resources for a team projects

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    1) How should a Learning Team manage data resources for a team projects?

    2) How could a Learning Team better manage the shared knowledge on a team?

    3) What strategies or resources would help facilitate Learning Team knowledge management?

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    1. Learning teams are put together for each individual to learn from one another based on information found and shared amongst a group. There are plenty of data resources for team projects. According to Geek Interview (2008), data management is a component of the information technology infrastructure used to represent all data used within an organization or group. Microsoft Office allows teams to create and save notes, create spreadsheets, graphs, querie data, and create powerpoint presentations. The learning team can manage and the data found used for the team project in one of Microsoft Office's Word, Excel, Access, or Powerpoint tools to have access to any information at will.

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    How learning teams should manage data resources for a team project is determined. Whether learning teams should be better managed to share knowledge on a team is determined.