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Managing and Balancing Resources

Managing resources can be an interesting, and sometimes difficult, job. How have you managed resources on any of your projects? What do you find as the most difficult part? How have you learned to overcome these issues?

If you haven't managed a project before, have you ever been a resource on a project? If so, what are some of the techniques your manager(s) use to balance their resources? What seems to be the most effective for you?

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In my experience as a project manager, I have had the pleasure of working with several project teams and other resources while on various projects. It certainly is an interesting, sometimes difficult job, indeed. When you are working on a large project, you have several resources which generally means several personalities. As I have had more experience over the years, it has become easier to manage such personalities, find the strengths of each one and use that information to the advantage of the project. I think perhaps the most difficult part of managing resources is getting the individuals on the ...

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A discussion regarding managing resources during projects and potentially difficult issues to be overcome. 418 words.