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Business Management

stakeholder opposition

Give an example of a business process where the interests of two or more stakeholders are in opposition.

Dispersion Data Measures

What statistical measures are used for describing dispersion in data? How do they differ from one another?

Communications Question

Words carry the message. They would carry the same meanings with or without paragraphing. Therefore, paragraphing has no effect on communication." Discuss your view of this statement and provide an example which supports your analysis.

Dilemmas in the History of Business

Multiple dilemmas in the history of a business were expereinced in a financial category, some of ethical issues, and some dealing with personnel. I need some help in addressing the following: - Determine the value of the products versus the value of the services in a business; - Review and recommend a solution to the h

10 Cs for Writing Effectively

I attached the 10c's for writting effcetively and the email. Now you should have all the info you need to complete the assignment. I need a page paper on the following: Review the email to Bobby Johnson (attached) found in Chapter 5 under the heading: "Choosing a Channel" in your textbook. -Identify the communicati

Case study: Let There Be Light Lamp Shade Company

Case Study: Let There be Light Lamp Shade Company Started in Madison, Wisconsin, after the student unrest of the 1960s had died down, the Let There Be Light Lamp Shade Company served an upscale local market for many years. It designed and built custom lamp shades and lamp globes. In the mid-1980s, some architects who had onc

Reid Sanders Case Study: Linear Regression Analysis

Chapter 8 Problem 25 Reid Sanders. The following data were collected on the study of the relationship between a company's retail sales and advertising dollars: Retail Sales ($) Advertising ($) 29,789 16,893 35,434 18,398 38,732 20,376 43,585 22,982 46,821 25,732 49,283 27,281 52,271 32,182 55,289 35,298 57,298 36,281 58,293 38,1

Modes of Transportation

Evaluate the characteristics of each mode of transportation in terms of time and cost efficiencies. Give examples.

Computer Based Learning and Computer Based Training

Computer Based Learning and Computer Based Training are two learning technologies. Research them and share your findings. Discuss the pros and cons, and under what conditions you think that each technology would be most effective.

Learning Technologies

We hear a lot about learning technologies. Just what are they? Computer Based Training is just one of the learning technologies that you have heard about or used. Explain why this can be a considered a technology and, more specifically, a learning technology.

Global Operations Management

and your thoughts on the scenario and questions that follow would be greatly appreciated. A new firm, Bit Technology Inc., is deciding where to locate its facilities internationally. - If this firm is a high-tech manufacturing firm, what resource and operational factors should be considered in this decision? - How might t

Social Power in Organizations

I need some help regarding the following questions: 1. In order to access power in organizations, you must possess knowledge. There are two types of knowledge: technical knowledge about the work process, and knowledge of the organization's social system. Why is it important to have knowledge about the organization's social

Business Management: Cost Reduction

If you were asked to give a recommendation on ways to reduce costs (staff reduction, benefit reduction, furloughs, etc.) what would you recommend and why?

Operations Management Forecasts

Please provide your comments and one from a personal interview: Do you agree that with this company's forecast, what data it should analyze, which forecasting model it should use, and how it should monitor its forecast accuracy? 1. Gulley's s Ice Cream Parlor wants to forecast ice cream sales. The company believes that sales

Develop a research proposal outline

You selected a research topic and a research methodology to use for that topic. You are now ready to take that topic and develop a research proposal outline. You will do this individually. The proposal outline is the documentation of your research design. The research design needs to link the information or data that will be col

use of a new predictor

Your boss is considering the use of a new predictor. The base rate is high, the selection ratio is low, and the validity coefficient is high for the current predictor. What would you advise your boss and why?

Financial Forecasting

There is a great confusion when people talk about financial forecasting. Financial forecasting at a firm's level is about determining the financing needs of the firm over the near' medium and long future. Where do these needs emanate from? How do firms derive the financing needs? What are the main differences between the fin

Not a good writer? A secretary will handle it for me, right?

A fellow student says, "So, I'm not a good writer. But I have other places to put my study time. I'm a management major. I'll have secretaries to handle my writing for me." Give this student your best advice, including the reasoning behind it.

Freedom of speech on the job

To what extent do employees retain the right of freedom of speech on the job? Off the job? What about freedom of expression? Are there limits to employee's rights to freedom of expression on or off the job? Explain and give examples.

"Left-Handers (Those Sickos) Got No Reason To Live!"

The essay "Left-Handers (Those Sickos) Got No Reason To Live!" is a piece of writing filled with irony and argument by analogy. Prove with specifics from the essay that this statement is accurate. Discuss what the analogy is that the author is using, and explain whether this is a valid analogy. Why do you feel this way?

Calucations for QNT

Week Six Calculations Read the following scenarios, and answer the accompanying questions. 1. A research team conducted a study of soft- drink preferences among residents in a test market prior to an advertising campaign for a new cola product. Of the participants, 130 are teenagers and 130 are adults. The researchers secu

Work-in-Process Valuation reduction

A firm has redesigned its production process so that it now takes 10 hours for a unit to be made. Using the old process, it took 15 hours to make a unit. If the process makes one unit each hour on average and each unit is worth $1,500, what is the reduction in work-in-process value?

Resistance to change in a work environment

Is it possible to eliminate resistance to change within a work environment? Why or why not? List and explain different techniques that can be used to reduce or eliminate resistance to change and the recommended way to use these techniques in order to produce the best result.

Excluded Parties List System (EPLS)

I need some help regarding the following problem: Elder Company manufactures disposable diapers for newborn infants. Among its customers are vendors of medical supplies who purchase the diapers from Elder in specially packaged boxes of 100. Elder's plant operates 250 days per year, producing several sizes of diapers. When i

Analysis of Air-Express Corporation

Prepare a case summary by answering the following questions below. Please provide full and complete APA style responses (references, citation/cited) to the following questions and bullets points. Case Study of National Air Express Below: National Air is a competitive air-express firm with offices around the country. Frank

job description

Although there is no standard format for a job description, almost all well-written, useful job descriptions will include five (5) specific components. Explain what information should be contained in each of the five sections. Then, write a job description of your choice; be sure to include all necessary sections in your job de

Fisher exact test

The careers of 50 males who at the age of eighteen years were over 180 cm tall were compared with those of 100 males who at the age eighteen years were under 170 cm tall. It was found that 12 men in both groups become administrators. Do you believe that this study provides reasonably convincing evidence that height is a factor i

Decision Analysis

National Environmental, Inc. estimates that its new product, ESA-C, has a 40% chance of being a major winner, a 35% chance of a medium winner, and a 25% chance of being a loser. However, before the company makes a production commitment, it would like to further investigate the situation, because these initial estimates [prior pr