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Management dilemma of a restaurant

I have a case study:

Our management dilemma is that the restaurant is suffering from decreasing sales on an annual basis. Our research company will determine the possible factors of this occurring and supporting research to back this up:

Have to research:

-case studies of how other restaurants drew in lunch crowds.
-coupons and how they affect restaurants
-Theft in restaurants and how they affect profits.

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There are several strategies restaurants can implement in order to pull more people through their doors during lunch hours. To be able to determine which strategy will work best it is important for restaurant management to identify their target market and specific demographics in their surrounding area.

If the restaurant is situated in a residential area, the restaurant can consider offering discounted or free healthy meals or activities for children to encourage mothers to bring their children in for lunch. For example, the restaurant can advertise specific times of the day to be the happy hour for children where children can eat for free or at a special discount.

If the restaurant is situated in a commercial area, the surrounding offices ...

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