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Code Of Ethics

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Create a code of ethics for an organization of your choice. For each point in the code of ethics, describe an ethical dilemma that would be resolved using the code of ethics.

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Creating a code of ethics can be challenging. This solution will provide you with an example of a code of ethics created for for an organization and ethical dilemmas that can be resolved by this ethical code.

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Cavolties Family Italian Restaurant
Code of Ethics

At Cavolties Family Italian Restaurant as we conduct our business, we are and will continue to be shepherded by the principles and ethics listed below:

- We will be honest and fair in our associations with our patrons, our fellow employees, our investors/shareholders, our vendors/suppliers and the general public.

- We will be aboveboard and truthful in all our transactions and relationships.

- We will handle our business in such a way that will allow us to take pride in our products and services.

- We will always strive to improve everything that we do.

- We will behave and conduct our business in such a manner that we will earn the respect and esteem of all we come in contact with.

- We will be respectful, aware and acknowledge with our responsiveness the changing world we live in.

- We will be productive and positive members of the communities that we are a part of.

- We consider it to be necessary that the financial success, growth and permanence of our restaurant be in concurrence with these ...

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