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Business Management

Business Communications

Compare the strategies used when assessing the content of strong and weak sales messages. When might you recommend that a strong drive for action be appropriate in a sales message? In what circumstances would you think a weak or mild sales drive would be appropriate using specific examples.

Recruitment Methods

What are some of the key issues involved in effective recruitment methods? Does your current or previous workplace use these methods to recruit employees? How may a company benefit from these methods?

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Do you feel that the Efficient Market Hypothesis does an adequate job of explaining how the stock market functions?

Gaming Hospitality Management

Please help me answer the 3 questions below. Thanks. 1.) How have digital communication technology and the mass media broadened the traditional gaming audience? How have gaming messages changed due to a wider audience? How has general public opinion about gaming changed in the last ten years? 2.) Examine the use of data

You are a Product Management Consultant

You are a Product Management Consultant, called in by the firm's higher management to help out identifying better ways to remain competitive. Analyse the case and give your "recipe" for the company to improve its way to manage new products (f.i.: ask yourself: do they have the appropriate organisational structure, can they imp

Primary Componenets of Strategic Management Controls

Seeking assistance in fleshing out the information for this task: 1. Describe the primary components of a strategic management process, and indicate why a strategic managment process is needed for a company. 2. Describe the strategic managment process used by Facebook.

Online Services - Twitter

1) Why does 'the violence of a start up' apply to Twitter? 2) Initially, why was Twitter not preoccupied with earning a profit? How did this corporate mindset change? 3) What makes Twitter appealing? 4) Why is everyone on Twitter considered a marketer?

Defining management and prerequisites in conducting a successful presentation

1. What is management? Provide an example or scenario to describe how you, as a manager, would use each function to reach your organization's goals. 2. You have selected the in-person presentation channel to communicate. What are three prerequisites that should be clear before giving an in-person presentation to your audience?

Types of training methods and models

This case provides solutions to the following training questions: 1. Differentiate between formal and informal training methods and provide an example of each method. 2. Discuss two forms of instructional design models, traditional and rapid models, and the advantages and disadvantages of using one instead of the other. 3. De

Managing Risk During Times of Change

Could you assist me in answering the following: (1) How might an organization's areas of risk vary in times of rapid change versus times of relative stability? (2) Take time this week to study how others in your industry address risk during times of change. (3) Identify and explain at least three lessons you can ap

Moving Average Forecasting and Graphing Using Spreadsheet

The ABC Floral Shop sold the following number of geraniums during the last 2 weeks: See the following chart The number of geraniums the ABC Floral Shop sold during the last 2 weeks: Day Demand Day Demand 1 200 8 150 2 134 9 182 3 157 10 197 4 165 11 136 5 177 12 16

Performance Management Systems

Do performance management systems measure the right things? How can these systems tie performance that is more consistent with long-range versus short-term issues?

Job Evaluation Committee

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a job evaluation committee composed of only middle managers for evaluating jobs? What actions would you recommend to make the committee more effective (i.e., valid and reliable) in evaluating jobs?

Shadow negotiations and how to avoid mutually exclusive positons

1. When have you used (or would use) shadow negotiation, and why do you think it is an important part of the negotiation process? 2. One of the rules of negotiation is to prevent the negotiation strategy from reaching a point of having two mutually exclusive positions regarding proposals. What does this statement mean? Provide

Business Analysis - Zappos

1) What was the original business model for Zappos? 2) Around 2003, what new business model did Tony Hsieh, Zappos founder, institute? What was the premise of this new business model? 3) What led to Zappos popularity? Can this be sustained? 4) Evaluate Zappos' current state of business.

Process-Centric and Non-Process Centric Management

Although it may seem contradictory, successful implementation of the BPM can occur in both "process-centric" and "non-process centric" organizations (see Table 11.1). The goal of this discussion is to research the internet and identify (in 100 words or more): 1. One organization you believe is process centric 2. One orga

Analyzing an ERM Framework

Analyzing an ERM Framework Designing and implementing a risk-management framework helps support risk-management efforts throughout an organization. (1) Describe a risk-management framework, its purpose and objective, and how it supports risk management efforts throughout an organization. (2) Analyze the components of

Research and decison making

1. What is good research? And how does having the purpose clearly define make a difference in good research? 2. Explain the differences in constructs and concepts.

Strategic Management - General Motors (GM)

When working in the area of strategic management, one is often asked to look at what appears to be a strategic initiative on the part of another company and speculate as to what the strategy behind the initiative really is. In other words, what is the company really trying to do and why? In analyzing General Motors (GM) stra

Corporate Governance

Dr. DoRight has recently been hired as the President of the "Universal Human Care Hospital", where he oversees all departments with over 5,000 employees and over 20,000 patients at the medical facility. He has been provided with a broad set of duties and oversight of numerous departments, including business development, customer

Influence Tactics In Business Organization Theory

1. Building Organization Theory From First Principles: The Self-Enhancement Motive and Understanding Power and Influence, how can a person build influence? Can increased influence be the first step in a fall from power? Explain. 2. How can influence tactics be used? Select two influence tactics and give examples of their us

Determining Reliability of Data

What are some methods you might use to determine the reliability of the data you gather? Why is it important to analyze your data to determine if it is reliable?

Job security and stability over salary

If you were an HR administrator and found the perfect candidate for a position but could not negotiate the salary to he requested, how would you pitch job security and stability over salary?