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Trade-offs in Different Approaches to Job Design

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What are the trade-offs between the different approaches to job design? Which approach do you think should be weighted most heavily when designing jobs?

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This solution discusses the trade-offs between the different approaches to job design and which approach should be weighted most heavily when designing jobs. Examples and APA references are included.

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There are three major approaches to job design: the engineering approach, human approach, and the job characteristic approach. Each is valuable in its own way, but there are trade-offs that occur depending upon the approach, which is taken. With the engineering approach (also called the task approach), there is a lot of repetition. This can lead to boredom. In this approach, there is specialization to the task, and employees are not encouraged to learn more or improve the job. Because jobs designed using this approach have employees typically set at a particular station, each employee is basically a wheel in a cog, executing part of a task and passing it on to the next station. There is little interaction between employees and often the job is paced according to a machine (part of an assembly line). It is difficult to take pride in one's ...

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