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    1. What conflict preferences do we see in this case?
    2. What strategies and tactics are in use?
    3. What can Jane do to resolve this conflict?
    4. How is emotion contributing to this conflict?

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    1. What conflict preferences do we see in this case?

    In this case, we definitely see an avoidance preference. The avoidance preference is characterized by Jane avoiding the issue and adjourning the meeting until a later time. Although the reason why Jane adjourned the meeting was based on solid ground due to Denise and John acting unprofessionally, Jane has completely delayed handling this conflict until later, when she meets with Denise and John individually to further discuss the circumstances.

    Avoidance is also used by Denise in regards to John. Denise is justified in her feeling that John's behavior was unprofessional, particularly in regards to the time and place of his comments towards Denise. Denise backs out of the conflict by using avoidance with John. During the conflict, it is evident that Jill and Roger are using an accommodation method. They both realize that they do not have the skill or experience necessary for the position, and they therefore accommodate during the conflict by agreeing that either Denise or John, who are both beginning to argue in the conflict, should be the choices for the team leader.

    There is a very strong use of a competing conflict preference used by John towards Denise. John remains competitive for the position during the entire conflict even after Denise has directly discouraged him from doing so in front of all present at the meeting.

    2. What strategies and tactics are in use?

    Jane is using tactics that diffuse the current conflict by ...

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